Vi Spring Mattress Review In 2023

By Wasim Khan Sujon

Updated March 26, 2023

This Vi spring Mattress Review is a thorough investigation into the qualities and benefits of Vi spring mattresses. While it is true that they use only premium materials, the company also strives to create an eco-friendly product. Silk and horsehair are used as the main materials, with the wool coming from Peru.

The materials used for the fabric are sustainable and highly skilled craftspeople. Where possible, the company uses local labor to ensure that their manufacturing process is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Vi Spring Mattress Review

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Vispring, formerly Vi Spring or Vi-Spring, is a luxury brand founded in 1901 and operating in London. It offers luxury materials and a line of hybrids and innerspring mattresses with all natural ingredients, such as horsetail, wool, vicuña, cashmere, and silk. Sold across Europe and North America, Vispring gets mixed feedback from customers overall. While they use undoubtedly high end materials, there are some complaints about durability of feel and compression in the top layers.


+1.3x soft comfort
+/- expense
+/- lasting support

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.2/10

Price Value: 8.2/10

No Back Pain: 8.1/10

Price: £699-£7598+

Trial Period: No Trial

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Vispring’s Specifics

Vispring has a variety of handcrafted pocket sprung mattresses that come with luxury and natural comfort layers. These mattresses get good initial feedback from customers on initial comfort, but there were some that had problems with the durability of these mattresses. Some others expected to be more excited about the price.

If long-term comfort and price value are priorities, consider taking a look at our top rated UK mattresses. Specifically, the Dream cloud Mattress is a competitive pocket sprung mattress that is well-rated by customers for a much friendlier price point.

Craftsmanship & Quality

Vispring mattresses are higher end and feature luxury materials like cashmere, Shetland wool, horsehair, and cotton. These natural fillings are incorporated in the top layers of their mattresses for extra pillowy comfort.

However, with this way of crafting mattresses, durability and support are sometimes concerns over time. Some customers have experienced having to replace these mattresses more often than expected.

We’ll go through each of their mattress types so that you can get additional details of each before buying:

Here are the details about their Classic Collection Pocket Sprung Mattresses:

Their entry mattress line includes models like the Vispring Shetland, Regal Superb, Herald Superb, Dartington, and Kingsbridge. These mattresses feature natural fillings with either one or two layers of pocket springs. Fillings include Platinum Certified British fleece wool, cotton, and/or horsetail depending on the model.

Also, many of these mattresses offer spring tension options ranging from soft to extra firm. Overall, customers experience a comfortable initial impression. However, there were some durability complaints for these mattresses.

The Pros: Natural fillings and traditional pocket sprung craftsmanship.

The Cons: Durability and changes in feel are concerns for the top layers of these mattresses.Here are the details of the

Luxe Collection Pocket Sprung Mattresses:The Luxe line is Vispring’s next level up in terms of comfort materials and design. These mattresses include the Sublime Superb, Tiara Superb, Shetland Superb, Diamond Majesty, Magnificence, and Signatory. They come with more volume of comfort materials, like horsehair, cotton, Shetland wool, and fleece wool.

Also, some of these mattresses, like the Diamond Majesty, comes with silk, bamboo, and Vicuña wool. Also, these mattresses often come with more layers of pocket springs. The Diamond Majesty, for example, offers 3 layers of custom-tension pocket springs that provide seamless adaptation and virtually no partner disturbance. These mattresses are some of the most luxurious mattresses available. However, there are some complaints about dipping and top layer compression over a shorter period than average.

The Pros: More comfort materials and thicker mattresses for a more luxurious feel.

The Cons: Higher prices and some lingering durability complaints.Lastly, we’ll discuss Vispring’s Original Mattresses:Vispring’s Original collection offers mid-grade pocket sprung mattresses, still with customized firmness options in the springs. These mattresses include the Baronet Superb and Devonshire mattresses.

The mattresses include horsehair, British fleece wool, and cotton comfort layers. These comfort layers are hand tufted above 1 layer of pocket springs. For those looking for mid-grade, no frills options, this collection offers that.

Most had good initial comfort ratings, but with some complaints of compression in the top layers.The Pros: Luxury pocket sprung mattresses with cashmere and other luxury comfort materials.The Cons: Durability and price value are a concern with these mattresses.

Overall Comfort

Vispring mattresses get good reception from sleepers when it comes to initial comfort. Their thick profile and hand-tufting creates a pillowy, luxury feel. However, customers report longevity being an issue with these mattresses.


Vispring mattresses offer a wide range of firmness choices in the pocket springs, ranging extra firm to soft. While this is ideal for sleepers of multiple preferences, the top layers also play a significant role as well. If the top layers become compressed or shift over time, there could be some differing feelings of firmness over time.

Back Pain Relief

Customers have good things to say about the initial feel and pressure relief of these mattresses. However, over time, there were some that mentioned degrading support or dipping that could affect spinal alignment over the long term.


Vispring does cooling exceptionally well. Due to the natural and airy fillings, these mattresses will sleep cool for most everyone.

Who Are Vispring Mattresses Right For?

Vispring mattresses are ideal for those looking for luxury, natural materials, but don’t mind updating their mattress more frequently.

Vi Spring Mattress Reviews

Vi Spring Mattress Reviews include many benefits. These bedsteads have individual sewn cotton calico pockets, 54mm wire springs, and air vents on all four sides. All beds are finished with protective lambswool borders and piped ticking to keep your bedding looking nice.

The company also has a reputation for quality, with many satisfied customers and repeat customers. So, what makes the Vi-Spring a good choice for a bedstead?

The first advantage of a Vispring mattress is its natural materials. The fabric used in the construction is made from mohair, a moisture-wicking fiber. The Shetland Superb mattress is made from Shetland wool, a type of British fleece, and a layer of polyester. Horsehair is the main ingredient in the Classic Superb, which is made using an age-old upholstery method. These springs are the same diameter as those of other Vi-spring mattresses, and they offer the same comfort and supportiveness.

Luxe is another popular brand. Their premium collections use two or three layers of coils and luxury fillings. This mattress is one of the most expensive options on the market, but its softness and comfort make it one of the most comfortable options on the market. It is also one of the most luxurious and expensive brands. Its prices are comparable to other luxury mattresses. Its mattress reviews are positive, so read them carefully.

Vi Spring Mattress Reviews USA

Vispring mattresses use vicuna wool, which has superior insulating qualities. In addition, the brand uses bamboo fibers, which are sustainable and ultra-absorbent. Turkish long-fiber cotton is also used in the production of Vispring mattresses.

Mohair is a natural fiber from angora goats, and is naturally insulating and cool in summer and winter. Other popular materials used in Vispring mattresses include cashmere, silk, horsetail, and wool.

A Vispring bed’s comfort materials are all natural. They include Shetland sheep’s wool fleece, genuine horsehair, bamboo, and organic cotton. The company explains where the materials come from, aiming to use locally produced products whenever possible.

The steel coils are manufactured in Plymouth, England, and are extremely durable. The company states that its mattresses are made from recycled materials. If you’re not convinced, read the reviews on Vispring mattresses to see how comfortable they are.

As the world’s most luxurious and durable fiber, silk is an excellent choice for Vispring mattresses. It is a source of natural silk that comes from China, the gateway to the ancient Silk Road.

The material offers a naturally comfortable and luxurious sleeping experience. It enables your body temperature to adjust to its surrounding temperature, giving you coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter. Its characteristic smoothness is available all year long.

The finest silk is harvested from European horsetail. This untwisted fibre is made into a ring. Its open structure enables air to flow, allowing you to breathe while sleeping. Moreover, it adds two million springs to your mattress.

Vi Spring Bed Reviews

The Vi spring bed is one of the best-selling mattresses in the world. Its quality makes it one of the top picks for sleepers. The mattress’ layers are composed of two or three layers of coils, and it features luxury fillings. It is also one of the most comfortable models available in the market. Currently, there are only 29 reviews, which makes it difficult to judge whether or not a product is right for you.

The first Vispring mattress was invented in 1899 by British engineer James Marshall. He made a supportive mattress for his wife in Canada. The coiled springs were wrapped in muslin, which provided unparalleled comfort. No matter what season, the Vispring remained popular and was brought to Britain by Frederick James and John Nolon. They decided to produce the Vispring in large quantities and set up the Marshall Sanitary Mattress Company.

The first reviewer’s experience with the Vispring made him a believer. He felt that the mattress was comfortable and that it suited him well. Despite its price, the reviews of the mattress were generally positive. The mattress lasted for 20 years, and it was tested and found to be supportive. Aside from being a great luxury, the Vispring is also an investment in your health. This makes it a good choice for many people.

Vi Spring Mattress Topper Reviews

When I decided to purchase a Vi Spring mattress, I was initially hesitant because it was an investment. I bought it at a department store because I was looking for a new bed and had never tried a spring mattress. I was also worried about breaking in the mattress. However, after reading Vi Springs mattress reviews, I was able to decide to purchase one. Read on to find out more about this product and whether it is worth your money.

The inner core of the Vispring mattress consists of silk. This material is one of the strongest natural fibers on the market and comes from China, the gateway to the ancient Silk Road. The silk provides a naturally luxurious bedtime experience.

It adapts to temperature, giving you the coolness you need in the summer and warmth in the winter. It also features a smooth feeling that is recognizable all year round. The silk used in this mattress is a type of horsetail twig from Europe, which is untwisted by hand. Its open structure promotes air circulation, adding two million extra springs to the mattress and bouncing back after compression.

The outer cover is finished with satin Ivory Belgian ticking and has a medium feel. The upholstery layers are made from split and 7 spring tensions, so it can accommodate a wide range of sleepers. The interior of the Vispring Signatory Topper is filled with soft, natural cotton and wool. The inner cover is covered with a contrasting ticking, which provides an extra layer of luxury and comfort.

Vi Spring Herald Mattress Review

A review of the Vi Spring Herald mattress will show you how well it meets the expectations of discerning buyers. The bedsteads are constructed with 54mm diameter wire springs, individual sewn cotton calico pockets, two rows of genuine hand side-stitching, and up to eight horizontal handles on the King size. All the beds have piping and protective lambswool borders for comfort and protection. They are available in a variety of sizes and prices.

The Vi-spring Herald Superb is an all-around mattress that offers outstanding comfort and posture support. The filling is made from British fleece wool, horsehair, and cotton. The cover is ivory satin, but you can choose from other fabrics. It is best to turn the mattress at least once a year to keep the mattress in its best condition. The Vi-spring Herald mattress has a 10-year warranty, and it is worth considering if you are looking for a new bed.

The Herald Superb has 1476 pocket springs and is hand tufted. It uses two tiers of spun bond pocket springs for firmer support. The tufted border and the side-stitching help keep air circulating in the mattress. The price is PS985 for a king-size. When it comes to a Vi-spring mattress, we recommend you read reviews online to decide if the quality of the mattress is worth the price.

Vi Spring Imperial Mattress Review

When comparing the Vi Spring Imperial and Simmons Beautyrest King mattresses, you can easily determine which is better for your needs. This brand has an exceptional reputation for quality and durability, and their bedsteads are known for their superior construction.

The beds feature 54mm wire springs, individual sewn cotton calico pockets, and two rows of genuine hand side-stitching. All models have eight horizontal handles on the King size, and the king and queen versions have protective lambswool borders and piped ticking.

As for the Vispring, we loved the fact that it is made of organic, bonded British fleece wool and long-stranded horsehair. The mattress is also naturally resistant to bacteria and fungi, which may help you avoid allergic reactions. Bamboo is incredibly soft and absorbent, meaning that it helps keep you cool and dry and ensures that you wake up feeling refreshed. A cotton layer compliments the spring unit and enhances breathability.

The mattress is made of high-quality bamboo, which is resistant to bacteria, fungi, and mold. This material is natural, and non-allergenic, but some people may be sensitive to bamboo’s scent. Nonetheless, the mattress is incredibly comfortable and offers a medium-firm feel for up to 16 stone. This model is also extremely well-made and upholstered. The warranty is also impressive, with a 7-year warranty.

Vi Spring Baronet Superb Mattress Review

The Vi Spring Baronet Superb mattress has received a 3.5 star rating in this review based on its features and performance. It has 54mm diameter wire springs and individual sewn cotton calico pockets that are 21cm deep.

There are two rows of genuine hand side-stitching, eight horizontal handles, and protective lambswool borders and piped ticking. This bedstead is also available in King and California King sizes.

The Vi Spring Baronet Superb mattress is one of the most popular brands of Vispring mattresses. It is constructed to the highest standards and features a high-quality pocket spring unit. This pocket spring unit is one of the most advanced in the industry and was invented by Vispring’s founder. The company offers a 30-year warranty, which makes it an excellent choice. However, there are some downsides to the Vispring Baronet Superb.

The Vi spring Baronet Superb mattress features a 22cm deep border, two rows of genuine hand side-stitching, and eight handles for movement. The cover of the mattress is wrapped in the finest Belgian ticking, and the bed comes with a free delivery service. It is not only durable and comfortable to sleep on, but it’s also made of natural materials, so you won’t have to replace the cover, which is usually difficult to replace.

Vi Spring Traditional Bedstead Mattress Review

The Vi-Spring bedstead is one of the most luxurious beds on the market. The firmness is just perfect, and the 54mm wire springs are evenly spaced throughout the whole bed. The individual cotton calico pockets are 21cm deep and are individually sewn for durability. The bedsteads are also built with two rows of genuine hand side-stitching. King-size models feature eight horizontal handles on each side and protective lambswool borders and piped ticking.

The cover of a Vispring traditional bedstead mattress is made from all natural materials. The black fibers are derived from horsehair. A layer of natural wool fleece is bonded to these fibers for added durability and comfort. This natural material provides the perfect balance between firmness and softness. The bonded wool layers provide the perfect foundation for the springs and support. The luxury Vispring bedstead mattress is suitable for beds without a divan.

The Vi Spring mattress has deep hand-applied fillings. It measures 26cm deep in total. The top layer is composed of cotton and wool, giving it a soft, sinking feeling. The fillings have been carefully chosen to be sustainable and durable. Additionally, they regulate temperature and naturally prevent bedbugs and dust mites. It’s no wonder that a number of people prefer the Vispring bedstead mattress over the divan version.

Vi Spring Bedstead Supreme Mattress Review

The Vi Spring Bedstead Supreme mattress is a quality, luxurious mattress that offers an exceptional balance of comfort and durability. It features 54-mm diameter wire springs with individual sewn cotton calico pockets.

The pocket depth is 21cm, and the bedstead has two rows of genuine hand side-stitching on King size and eight horizontal handles on the Queen size. There are air vents on all four sides and protective lambswool borders and piped ticking.

The bedstead supreme mattress is loaded with high quality natural comfort materials. The padded foam on top of the springs is protected with a hair-proof cambric cover. The mattress is covered with a 1,200gsm wool and Shetland wool upholstery. The Vispring Supreme is available with an exclusive bed frame.

The review reveals that the mattress is made for comfort and support. A mattress with a plethora of natural comfort materials is one that is highly durable.

The Vispring Bedstead Supreme mattress is made with natural materials such as sheep’s wool and bonded British fleece wool. The inner layers are made from a special blend of sheep’s wool and horsehair to help keep the mattress cool and dry during the warmer months.

In addition, the outer layers feature 1326 vanadium steel springs, each with individual calico pockets. The cover is made from a deluxe Belgian ticking and has three rows of hand side stitching. There are two handles on the side for carrying the mattress.


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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a luxury bed that will give you the ultimate night’s sleep, then you’ve come to the right place. A Vi Spring Mattress Review will show you how this brand’s unique technology and materials can deliver a remarkable night’s sleep. Founded by an Englishman, Vi Spring stands by its promise to provide profound comfort.

This British company has over a century of experience in designing and manufacturing mattresses. While the company’s slogan “come to bed” may sound fluff-free, it’s actually a firm guarantee of quality, as is its 30-year warranty.


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