Blackstone Queen Mattress Review: Sleep Like Royalty.

The blackstone queen mattress is a high-quality mattress with a plush, comfortable feel and excellent support, providing a restful night’s sleep. When searching for the perfect mattress, there are several important factors to consider, such as comfort, support, durability, and value for money.

The blackstone queen mattress offers an impressive combination of all of these factors, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality mattress at a reasonable price. This mattress is designed with a plush, comfortable feel that cradles the body while providing excellent support, thanks to its multi-layered foam construction.

Additionally, the blackstone queen mattress is made with high-quality materials and is built to last, making it an excellent investment for your sleep health. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and drawbacks of this mattress, helping you to make an informed decision about whether it is the right choice for you.

Blackstone Queen Mattress Review: Sleep Like Royalty.


Features Of Blackstone Queen Mattress

Blackstone Queen Mattress Review: Sleep Like Royalty

Are you searching for a luxurious and comfortable mattress that will make you sleep like royalty? Look no further than the blackstone queen mattress, which comes with exceptional features that cater to all your sleeping needs.

Breathable Comfort Foam

One of the standout features of the blackstone queen mattress is its breathable comfort foam. This foam offers cooler and more comfortable sleep, which is crucial during hot weather or for people who run hot. It also fosters proper alignment of the spine, ensuring that you wake up the next morning feeling energized and ready for the day ahead.

Pressure-Relieving Support Foam

Another critical feature of the blackstone queen mattress is its pressure-relieving support foam. This foam ensures equal weight distribution across the mattress, providing relief to your pressure points. As a result, you will enjoy deep and uninterrupted sleep, which can assist stress reduction, weight loss, and overall well-being.

Moisture-Wicking Tencel Fabric Cover

The mattress’s moisture-wicking tencel fabric cover is another key feature that sets it apart. The tencel fabric used in the cover is super-breathable and able to wick away moisture from your skin. This helps to regulate body temperature throughout the night, leading to better sleep quality.

Moreover, tencel is eco-friendly, making the mattress a sustainable choice for eco-conscious buyers.

High-Density Base Support Foam

Lastly, the blackstone queen mattress boasts of a high-density base support foam that provides a sturdy and long-lasting foundation. This foam ensures that the mattress maintains its shape, even after extensive use, making it a wise investment for people looking to buy long-term.

The blackstone queen mattress is packed with features that guarantee a comfortable and relaxing sleep every night. The breathable comfort foam ensures proper alignment of the spine, while the pressure-relieving support foam eases the pressure from your body. The tencel fabric cover wicks away moisture from your skin, and the high-density base support foam provides a sturdy foundation that lasts for years.

Don’t wait to transform your sleep experience- order your blackstone queen mattress today!

Pros And Cons Of Blackstone Queen Mattress

Sleep Like Royalty On Blackstone Queen Mattress: Top Pros And Cons

A comfortable mattress plays a crucial role in ensuring a good night’s sleep. The blackstone queen mattress is a renowned brand that promises to provide exceptional comfort and support. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of this mattress to see if it’s worth the investment.


  • Superior comfort: The blackstone queen mattress features high-density foam and pressure-relieving foam layers that adjust to your body’s contours and provide excellent comfort while sleeping.
  • Durable: This mattress boasts a perfect balance of support and pressure relief, thanks to its premium quality foam layers that don’t break down easily over time.
  • Affordable: The price tag of the blackstone queen mattress is much lower than most other high-end mattresses, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Hypoallergenic: This mattress is made of hypoallergenic materials that prevent the growth of mold, dust mites, and other allergens, making it a safe and healthy option for people with allergies or asthma.
  • Motion isolation: This mattress is exceptionally effective in isolating motion transfer, which means that you won’t feel vibrations when your partner moves or gets up during the night.


  • Sleeps hot: The blackstone queen mattress retains a lot of body heat, even during winter, which might make it uncomfortable for users who tend to overheat at night.
  • Heavy: This mattress is quite heavy, making it challenging to move or flip over. Due to its weight, cleaning it could also be a challenge.
  • Off-gassing: The blackstone queen mattress has a strong chemical-like smell that lasts for a few days after unpacking. This could be a problem for users who are sensitive to odors.
  • No trial period: Unlike other mattress brands, the blackstone queen mattress doesn’t come with a trial period, so you won’t be able to test it out before buying it. This can be a turn-off for some buyers, as mattresses are a long-term investment.
  • Not suitable for very heavy people: This mattress might not provide enough support for users who weigh over 250 pounds, as it might sag or lose shape over time.

The blackstone queen mattress is an affordable and comfortable mattress that provides users with exceptional support and pressure relief. However, it’s not ideal for people who tend to sleep hot, those sensitive to odors, or very heavy users. This mattress is a good option for budget-conscious buyers who are looking for a high-quality mattress that offers excellent value for money.

Customer Reviews And Feedback

Blackstone Queen Mattress Review: Sleep Like Royalty

Are you tired of tossing and turning on your old mattress? Are you looking for a comfortable and high-quality mattress that will give you a good night’s sleep? Look no further than the blackstone queen mattress, designed with luxury in mind.

What Customers Have To Say

Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at what customers have to say about the blackstone queen mattress:

  • One customer raves that this mattress is “the best investment i’ve made in years.” They love the way the mattress contours to their body, providing just the right amount of support.
  • Another customer praises the mattress’s ability to keep them cool at night, saying that they no longer wake up sweating like they used to on their old mattress.
  • Multiple customers have commented on how comfortable and plush the mattress is, with one even saying it’s like “sleeping on a cloud.”
  • Some customers can’t believe how affordable the blackstone queen mattress is, especially considering the quality. One even calls it a “steal” and highly recommends it to anyone in need of a new mattress.

No matter which way you slice it, the blackstone queen mattress receives glowing reviews from satisfied customers.

Our Analysis

We conducted our own thorough analysis of the blackstone queen mattress and came away with some key takeaways:

  • The mattress is made with pressure-relieving foam that contours to your body for maximum comfort.
  • The foam is aerated to promote airflow and keep you cool at night.
  • The mattress is certified healthy and safe, so you can feel good about sleeping on it.
  • The mattress comes with a worry-free 10-year warranty, so you know it’s built to last.

Overall, we highly recommend the blackstone queen mattress to anyone in the market for a high-quality, affordable, and comfortable mattress. Sleep like royalty with the blackstone queen mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions For Blackstone Queen Mattress Review

What Is A Blackstone Queen Mattress?

A blackstone queen mattress is a high-quality, medium-firm mattress that offers excellent support and comfort for a good night’s sleep.

How Thick Is The Blackstone Queen Mattress?

The blackstone queen mattress is 12 inches thick, with a 3-inch layer of foam on top of a supportive base of high-density foam.

Is The Blackstone Queen Mattress Good For Side Sleepers?

Yes, the blackstone queen mattress is excellent for side sleepers because of its medium-firmness and excellent support for the spine and hips.

Does The Blackstone Queen Mattress Come With A Warranty?

Yes, the blackstone queen mattress comes with a 10-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

How Long Will A Blackstone Queen Mattress Last?

With proper care and maintenance, a blackstone queen mattress should last around 8-10 years.


The blackstone queen mattress is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, comfortable, and durable mattress. It provides excellent support and comfort while sleeping, allowing you to wake up refreshed and energized. The mattress is designed with advanced features and materials that guarantee long-lasting use and superb performance.

Additionally, its affordable price makes it accessible to a broader range of consumers who want to enjoy the benefits of a high-quality mattress without breaking the bank. The mattress also comes with a range of benefits including free shipping, return policy, and easy installation.

So, if you are looking for a high-quality and comfortable mattress, the blackstone queen mattress is an excellent choice that is worth considering. Overall, this mattress is a great investment that will benefit you for many years to come.


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