Top 10 Best Bed Frame for Memory Foam Mattress In 2023

By Wasim Khan Sujon

Updated March 13,2023

A great way to accommodate a memory foam mattress is to purchase a bed frame that is designed for memory foam mattresses.

Best Bed Frame for Memory Foam Mattress: The best frames are designed to be durable and easy to assemble, and some are even made of memory foam. You will want to make sure that your bed frame is designed for memory foam mattresses so that you can rest easily at night. The Best Bed Frame for Memory Foam Mattress

Best Bed Frame for Memory Foam Mattress

A solid bed frame is essential for memory foam mattresses. Solid slats do not bend or sag like sprung slats. In addition to providing firm support, solid slats can also provide more bounce to memory foam mattresses. A solid frame is also ideal for reducing motion transfer. But how do you know which type of bed frame is best for memory foam mattresses? Here are some tips.

Want to get a new bed frame for a memory foam mattress? Or perhaps you’re buying them together? These are the best frames for memory foam mattress, and they will improve your sleep. Read on!

The memory foam mattress is a durable material that can provide support and pressure relief and last longer than regular mattresses. However, it needs to have the best bed frame as its partner for more comfort and style.

So what are the best bed frames out there for your memory foam mattress? It can be daunting to choose, especially with so many bed frames out there. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled the best of the best. Whether you have a double-sided mattress, an adjustable mattress, or any other kind of memory foam mattress, you’ll find your answer here.

Warning! It might improve the quality of your sleep.

So how do you choose the best bed frame for your memory foam mattress?

The quality of your sleep is all about you, so here’s what you need to think about:

  • Can the bed accommodate you? You might want to include other people as well (kids, partners, pets, etc)
  • Do you need extra storage?
  • Will it fit in your room?
  • With headboards or not?
  • Metal or wood?

But hey, don’t just order something just because it looks great. Think about the drawbacks, too, as they can significantly affect your sleep.

Some of the things to watch out for:

  • Height of the bed as it can be difficult for you if it’s too high or too low.
  • Is it easy to assemble or do you need some help?
  • Size of the bed (small or large)
  • Pricing

Now let’s get to the ten picks we’ve found for the best bed frames that fit your memory foam mattress. Our research team has done a great job with this list, and there are some all-time favorites. Please note that Amazon may compensate us for some of these purchases and no additional cost to you.

Bed Frame with Storage

Bed Frame With StorageNovogratz Kelly Bed with Storage

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This is our editor’s choice. Why? It’s excellent for a memory foam mattress and has built-in storage.

It only takes a bit of an hour to assemble this bed. So easy, right? Even the drawers roll out fluidly and can provide extra storage when needed, a top-of-the-line bed that doesn’t need much space and is perfect for your memory foam mattress. The frame has a slatted base.

Pros: this looks great and sturdy; easy to put together by yourself; doesn’t take up much space and works great with the foam/hybrid mattresses; includes four drawers for storage.  

Cons: the drawers are made of plastic with small wheels and may be difficult to pull out and push in (especially on carpet.)

Platform Bed Frame

Platform Bed FrameZinus Shalini Upholstered Diamond Stitched Platform Bed

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Next is a simple but built-to-last platform bed frame that provides a comfortable and peaceful sleeping experience. Even though the headboard is not soft enough, the wooden slats have Velcro straps, making it very stable and supporting more than a person’s average size. Not to mention how easy it is to assemble this bed because of the simple instructions. It comes with a slatted base and a 5-year warranty.

Pros: the bed is nice and sturdy; the wooden slats are held in place by the Velcro straps; it is quiet and can hold weight; assembly instructions are short and easy to understand; it includes all the tools you need to assemble.

Cons: the headboard is not that soft; the bed is a little too high.

Wood Bed Frame

Wood Bed FrameZinus Alexia 12 Inch Wood Platform Bed

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How about a bed that makes you worry-free? Here it is, a clean-looking, solid, design bed that doesn’t need a box spring made of a durable wooden frame with slats to increase mattress life. The non-slip tape is also included to prevent the mattress from moving. This frame has a slatted base too. It has a 5-year warranty.

Pros: beautifully simple and works well with any style of home decor; no box spring needed; has a strong wood slat mattress support; foam-padded tape is added to the steel frame for noise-free use; non-slip tape on the wooden slats prevents the mattress from moving.

Cons: there was a mild oil-based stain chemical smell that initially took about a week or two to off-gas.

Metal Bed Frame

Metal Bed FrameZinus Joseph Modern Studio Low Profile Bed Frame

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This bed outgunned the cons by having so many great features. It can support many mattresses like memory foam, spring, and hybrid. It is noise-free and can be used with or without a spring box for your style. It could also be the most straightforward bed you’ve assembled in your entire life. The sturdy frame uses metal slats. The warranty is for 5 years.

Pros: has a strong steel frame structure with wood slats that prevents sagging and increases mattress life; easy to install and very sturdy; has a fantastic amount of room of storage; has a nice sleek look.

Cons: there is no real support that goes down the middle of the frame. 

Modern Bed Frame

modern bed frameZTOZZ Alvi Bed Frame with LED Headboard

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If a low-to-the-ground bed fits your style, this is the perfect one. It has Magic buckles on the bedside with all the ribs hidden. The looks are a combination of modern and elegance with soft textures, and it’s so easy to clean. The bed uses a system of curved slats. The headboard LED adds that modern, if not futuristic, touch.

Pros: the bed frame is made of solid wood; upholstering made from quality PU leather; the texture is soft and easy to clean; modern look and has a good design; good value for its price.

Cons: This bed is very low to the ground.

Heavy Duty Bed Frame

Heavy Duty Bed Frame45MinST 14 Inch Reinforced Platform Bed Frame

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There’s only one word to describe this bed – powerful! It is made with durability and strength in mind as it can accommodate even if you’re more than 350 lbs. It can also provide a ton of storage under the bed. You might need an extra hand in assembling it, though. The frame uses steel slats and it’s covered with a 5-year warranty.

Pros: the frame encloses the mattress to prevent slipping; it has multi-point bed-legs; rigid square steel slats give good support; extremely easy to assemble.

Cons: The crossbars are not long enough and may slip out of place, falling to the floor.

Bed Frame with Headboard

Bed Frame With HeadboardClassic Brands Mornington Upholstered Platform Bed

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The perfect bed for kids (or if you’re clumsy). It has wooden supports to prevent injuries from tripping over the legs of the bed, and the non-slatted headboard prevents pillows from falling through. An all-in-one solution bed that can accommodate mattresses of all kinds.

Pros: durable wood slat foundation with sturdy center support can be used with any size memory foam mattress; solid slats and durable frame in a modern look that will fit your room; no box spring required; well-padded frame makes for safe and sturdy bed.

Cons: once you put on a pillow top mattress and pillows, the entire headboard disappears (it’s a bit too low.)

Minimalist Bed Frame

Minimalist Bed FrameSleep Master Platform Bed 2000

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This one is for the conservative type. A minimalist bed is straightforward to assemble, doesn’t need a box spring, and can increase mattress life. It includes plastic feet to protect the floors. Silent, affordable, and sturdy.

Pros: solid and flexible wooden slat mattress support; made from a black metal frame; it is heavy grade steel and very well engineered; no squeaking noises at all; very easy to assemble.

Cons: the bolts for connecting all the pieces are Allen wrench and are soft, so they may easily strip out. 

Foldable Bed Frame

Foldable Bed FrameAmazonBasics Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame

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A bed that surprisingly made it on this list. Affordable and yet high-quality because of its stability, easy to assemble and disassemble features, and even has leg locks that attach smoothly.

Pros: made of durable steel with a sleek black finish; no boxspring needed for this; it offers a quiet, noise-free, supportive foundation for a mattress; easy to move the bed frame that offers tons of functional storage space underneath.

Cons: no wheels or casters come on this frame; there is no lip to hold the mattress in place, so a light mattress or one with a smooth bottom will slip.

Floor Bed Frame

Floor Bed FrameZinus Victor 4 Inch Low Profile Mattress Foundation

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This is a solid bed and convenient to use at the same time. It has quick lock construction for fast and easy assembly. It is ideal for people with special needs as it is not as high as other beds.

Pros: has a foam-padded tape to the steel frame for noise-free use; great for plus size people because it has solid and sturdy quality; it has about 3″ spacing between slats so that it can support a regular or memory foam mattress.

Cons: the zip cover that comes with it does not fit the frame.

Bed Frame For Memory Foam Mattress Ikea

If you’re considering purchasing a memory foam mattress, it’s important to know about the best foundation for memory foam mattresses. While IKEA offers some excellent foundations, you need to read reviews before making a decision. In particular, you should pay close attention to the sagging reports. While IKEA mattresses are typically fine entry-level mattresses, they are often criticized for sagging. In fact, IKEA mattresses have 4.1 times the number of reports of sagging than the average comparable mattress. Ultimately, this can cause back pain and discomfort and reduces the mattress’s rating.

URest mattress foundation

The URest mattress foundation for memory foam mattresses has a patented design. Made of sturdy wood slats with a tighter spacing than other mattress foundations, this foundation prevents your memory foam mattress from prematurely wearing out. Although the company only offers a limited warranty, many users have praised its durability. The URest mattress foundation is also easy to assemble and carry inside.

Zoma foundation

The Zoma foundation bed frame for memory foam mattresses is a good choice if you’re looking for a platform that’s both durable and comfortable. This frame is built with spruce pine fir lumber slats for optimal support and convenience, and a unique pin-locking design makes assembly simple. A base with legs is optional. Both the frame and the mattress can be adjusted according to your personal preference.

Amsosen gel memory foam mattress

If you’re looking for a medium-firm memory foam mattress with a slim gel layer, the Amsosen mattress is worth considering. Unlike ordinary foam mattresses, this model is made with a gel layer on top, which makes it mold to your body shape. It measures nine 7/8 inches thick, making it a bit higher than similar foam mattresses from IKEA. However, you might be worried about durability or comfort.


Myrbacka is an all-foam, synthetic latex mattress made by IKEA. Its two-layer construction is firm and comfortable. Its latex blend and Rayon fiber cover wick away moisture and heat for better temperature regulation while you sleep. The 9.5-inch profile ensures your spine remains correctly aligned for better posture. Its firm support is also well-rounded.


The Meistervik bed frame for memory foam mattress from IKEA is an excellent option for anyone looking for a comfortable, firm bed. Its high-resiliency polyurethane foam provides good support and overall comfort. The company’s engineers have developed the Meistervik with these qualities in mind, so you can enjoy a restful night’s sleep without breaking the bank. The Meistervik comes with an adjustable-height base, which is good for a low-rise bed.


A good foundation is essential for your memory foam mattress. You can opt for a solid piece of wood, bunkie board, or a metal frame for your bed frame. Wood slat foundations are also an option. Make sure to select a frame with evenly spaced horizontal slats. This will ensure that the memory foam mattress will be supported and remain flat over the years.

Bed Frame For Memory Foam Mattress Queen

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If you are looking for a bed frame for your memory foam mattress, there are many different options available. Some of the options include the Olee Sleep 14PB04Q, HomeLife Premiere Classics, and the Zinus Olivia. Read on to find out which one suits your needs best. Depending on the weight of your mattress, you may want to consider purchasing a larger bed frame to support it. It is also helpful to find a bed frame with enough clearance underneath the mattress. It also comes with storage boxes for shoes and clothes.

Zinus Olivia

The Zinus Olivia bed frame is made for queen-size mattresses. The frame measures 80 inches long, 60 inches wide, and 14 inches off the floor. It weighs about 76.3 pounds and is sturdy enough to support a 550-pound memory foam mattress. The bed includes a warranty of five years. The frame and mattress are both manufactured by Grantec International and come in a combination of faux leather, steel, and foam padding.

The Zinus Olivia bed frame for memory foam mattress is easy to assemble and comes with instructions for use. There are also numbered parts to make it easy to put together. While some customers have reported that it is easy to assemble, some found the pieces to be difficult to connect and did not like the quality of the components. Regardless of the quality, the frame will help you get a good night’s sleep.

HomeLife Premiere Classics

With a frame that features a tufted headboard, the Home Life Premiere Classics bed is the perfect way to showcase the contouring qualities of your memory foam mattress. The frame’s light silver linen fabric easily blends into most room decors and has a solid wood base for stability. This frame is made to be easily assembled and ships in two boxes. It comes with instructions that will walk you through the process of assembling the bed.

The memory foam bed frame comes with slats that provide flexible support for your memory foam mattress. The slats are recessed into the frame, while the headboard serves as a retainer for your memory foam mattress. The frame supports up to 500 pounds and comes with a 5-year warranty. The company manufactures high-quality beds and furniture in California. The bed is also crafted with the highest quality materials.

Olee Sleep 14PB04Q

This steel bed frame for a memory foam mattress queen comes with a 10-year warranty. It features a comfortable head and footboard with leather-coated edges. Steel slats make the base more sturdy, and the rachet-based assembly is quick and easy. It is also a customer-centric design, and comes with a convenient underbed storage space. This model measures approximately 85 inches long by 62.2 inches wide and weighs 84 pounds.

The Olee Sleep 14PB04Q bedframe for memory foam mattress queen comes with a slatted metal base. It’s built for a queen-sized memory foam mattress, and it’s made with a high-density polyfoam base for stability. The mattress’ three foam layers are layered to provide a balance of cushioning and bounce. The design also keeps heat out of the mattress with a breathable twill cover.

Memory Foam Mattress and Bed Frame Set

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There are many benefits to a Memory Foam Mattress and Bed Frame Set. The comfort layer is four inches of plush memory foam that conforms to your body shape. It follows a thinner layer of polyfoam that prevents you from sinking too far into the support core. Finally, a nine-inch high-density polyfoam support core provides firmness and durability. This combination of materials makes the mattress a great choice for any bed.


The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress and Bed Fram Set comes with a metal frame that allows you to adjust the height of the bed to accommodate any size mattress. It features wooden slats and is available in linen and grey. The Luxury Bed Sheet Set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two standard pillowcases. The Nectar Memory Foam Pillow is made of Tencel cooling fabric and features active ventilation and a quilted memory foam outer shell.


A winkBed is a hybrid memory foam mattress with innerspring coils. The gel-infused foam on the top and individually wrapped pocketed coils in the base provide targeted back support and airflow. Compared to a traditional memory foam mattress, the WinkBed is significantly cooler than comparable all-foam mattresses. Hot sleepers may want to get a firmer mattress to reduce their body temperature.

Nectar platform

The Nectar platform memory foam mattress and bed-frame set are a great value for those who want the best of both worlds. Made of three layers of foam, the mattress features an ultra-thick gel-infused memory foam comfort layer, a 2-inch polyfoam transition layer, and a 6-inch core. These layers work together to provide even support and conforming. Plus, the temperature-regulating cover is made of a Tencel-polyster blend. This bed frame set is also comfortable and stylish, with an upholstered headboard and footboard.


The Leesa Memory Foam Mattress and Bedframe Set can help you get a good night’s sleep. These mattresses are made of foam and can expand for an hour or two before settling down to its final shape. The firmness of the mattress will improve over time as your body adjusts to the new configuration. You can get a refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase within 10 days of receipt.

Nectar memory foam

The Nectar memory foam mattress and bed frame sets are designed to work well together and are remarkably affordable. Nectar provides a free 365-night at-home trial and a money-back guarantee for your entire purchase. Customers who have a problem with the mattress can contact the company for a refund or exchange it for a new one, or even request a free cover. Nectar also offers a bed bug replacement guarantee.

Metal Bed Frame For Memory Foam Mattress

In the market for a new memory foam mattress? You’ve come to the right place! In this article we’ll look at the different options available, including the GhostBed and Keetsa brands. These are great options for any type of mattress, but some of the best metal bed frames are also available for these mattresses. We’ll also talk about the various warranty protection policies offered by each company.

Zinus Wen

The Zinus Wen Metal Bed Frame For Memory-Foam Mattress is an excellent option for a supportive platform frame for your foam mattress. Its brooding good looks, easy set-up, and unwavering strength make it an excellent choice for many buyers. You can find this product in twin, full, queen, or king sizes. The Zinus Shalini Frame pairs well with a Tempur-Pedic mattress and includes all the tools needed for assembly.

Home Life Premiere Classics

The HomeLife Premiere Classics Metal Bed Frame for Memory Foam Mattress comes in a silver fabric, which blends well with many color schemes. The steel base supports a high-density foam mattress, while the leather-like upholstery offers added comfort. This frame is also upholstered, and the slats are securely held in place by wooden strips. HomeLife guarantees a comfortable night’s sleep.


The GhostBed metal bed frame is designed for people who appreciate versatility. The frame features adjustable legs and an extra center support beam. This frame is affordable and has a number of great features. These include an extra center support beam and a generous amount of under-bed storage. You can also use the base as a platform for a low-profile headboard. The frame weighs only 144.7 pounds and is easy to assemble without the use of tools.


The Keetsa metal bed frame is an environmentally friendly bed frame made of steel and gunmetal that is completely recyclable. Its sturdy design meets all European safety standards. It also allows for a headboard and is compatible with a Certi-Pur certified mattress. These benefits make the Keetsa bed frame a great choice for any bedroom. Its price tag may seem a bit high, but you’ll be glad you made the purchase.

Zinus Shawn Smartbase

The Zinus Shawn Smartbase metal bed frame is a low-profile, value-oriented solution for memory foam mattresses. Its metal construction raises the mattress 14’’ off the floor and has 12.5’’ of storage space underneath. This bed frame is capable of replacing a traditional bed frame and boxspring. Its metal construction allows it to be folded and stored in a small space, and it is easy to assemble.

King Platform Bed Frame For Memory Foam Mattress

If you’re looking for a platform bed for your new memory foam mattress, there are many options out there. The Original mattress features a top layer of polyfoam and a second layer of memory foam for a perfect blend of cushioning and bounce. The foam is designed to conform to your body’s shape and pressure points, and you’ll also appreciate its close contouring and pressure relief. A base layer of high-density poly foam helps stabilize the entire mattress.

Amerisleep platform bed frame

The Amerisleep platform bed frame is a great choice for any memory foam mattress. It comes in a sleek gray fabric that can be dressed up with colorful bedding. The bed frame is designed to be a standalone unit without a footboard or headboard, but it can be dressed up even more if you choose to add one. Whether you choose a memory foam mattress or a traditional spring mattress, the Amerisleep Platform bed frame is the right choice for you.

While the Amerisleep mattress is an all-foam construction, it can be difficult to determine the firmness level that is right for you. Those looking for a low-cost model may find the AS1 too firm while those looking for a firmer option might prefer the AS4. While this can be a problem for some customers, the smell is usually minimal and will go away within a few hours. Additionally, the foam used by Amerisleep is Bio-Pur and Bio-Core. The result is a medium-firm feel with solid motion isolation and temperature control.

Nectar Mattress

The Nectar memory foam mattress is best paired with a low-profile bed frame. The Nectar bed frame features a dark grey upholstery and diamond-stitched wood slats. Its platform base is easy to assemble with clear instructions and tools. The Nectar bed frame is also ideal for families with small children, since the edges are rounded and therefore, can minimize potential injuries.

The Nectar bed frame comes with sturdy wooden slats for the mattress to promote even weight distribution. The frame also has a tufted headboard, wooden slats, and side rails. It can be assembled within minutes and comes in one package, so you don’t have to worry about shipping or assembling the bed. It also comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

DHP Dakota faux leather tufted upholstered platform bed

The DHP Dakota Faux Leather Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed is a fantastic choice for any bedroom, whether you want to update your guest room or master suite. Its tufted headboard and faux leather fabric are both luxurious and modern, making this bed a great choice for a guest room, master suite, or even a teen’s room. In addition, the platform bed’s sturdy bentwood slat system eliminates the need for box springs and promotes mattress breathability.

The contemporary design of this bed has padded faux leather upholstery and button tufting along with metal legs and rails. It also has a metal center rail for extra stability. It also has a durable bentwood slat system that provides long-lasting support. There is no need for a separate box spring or base with this bed, as all the components are built into the headboard. It ships in one box, so it can easily be put together.

Bed Frame With Headboard For Memory Foam Mattress

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If you want to find a good bed frame with headboard for memory foam mattress, you have many options. These models are perfect for those who do not want to spend a lot of money. We have reviewed the Zinus SmartBase mattress foundation, the Leesa adjustable bed frame, and the KD. Hopefully this article will help you make your decision. And good luck! Let us know which model you purchase.

Zinus SmartBase mattress foundation

The Zinus SmartBase is a sturdy and stylish bed foundation that completely eliminates the need for a box spring. This model also comes with plenty of under-bed storage space. Unlike some foundations, the Zinus model comes with a 5-year warranty and no tools required for assembly. You can easily adjust the headboard’s height to match your mattress. The foundation is a good buy, though it costs more than the no-headboard variety.

If you’re planning to buy a memory foam mattress, the best frame is one that will support it properly. The Zinus SmartBase mattress foundation is the best option for this. It is made of metal and wood, and comes with a 5-year warranty. This warranty covers both the frame and mattress. This frame is easy to assemble, too, and comes with a headboard that keeps the mattress from moving.

Leesa adjustable bed frame with headboard for memory foam mattress

The Leesa adjustable bed frame with headboard for a memory foam mattress comes with a wireless remote and works with a memory foam mattress. The base is made of metal with a fabric top. The frame and headboard are compatible with most types of mattresses. Before purchasing, make sure to check with the manufacturer to make sure that it will work with your mattress. Here are a few pros and cons to consider when buying a Leesa adjustable bed frame with headboard for memory foam mattress.

The Leesa adjustable bed frame with headboard is available in black or white. It has a European-style headboard and footboard. It has 10 steel legs for support. The frame is built to accommodate the Leesa mattress with 12.5 inches of clearance underneath. Zinus also manufactures a wood bed frame that works well with this memory foam mattress. Customers have given it positive reviews and a 4.4 average rating on Amazon.

KD adjustable bed frame with headboard for memory foam mattress

The KD adjustable bed frame with headboard for memory-foam mattress is one of the most durable options available. This mattress support is made of manufactured wood with foam-filled velvet upholstery. It includes thirteen slats for support and two center support legs. Each slat curves upward for additional support in the middle. The frame is backed by a 5-year warranty. The frame and headboard are interchangeable with other types of beds, so you can choose which style you prefer.

Do You Need a Bed Frame for a Memory Foam Mattress?

Platform beds and slatted foundations are best for memory foam mattresses. Box springs provide support, while slatted foundations help prevent sagging. Learn more about the pros and cons of each type of foundation. After reading this article, you should be well-equipped to choose the right one for your mattress. Here are some things to keep in mind. This article is not intended to replace your bed frame.

Platform beds are ideal for memory foam mattresses

Platform beds are an excellent choice for people who want a high-quality mattress with a soft surface. These beds are often made from wood and are relatively inexpensive. They are attractive and fairly durable, as they do not stain or fade. Platform beds can be made of either a slatted or solid foundation. Slats should be at least 0.75 inches thick and spaced no more than 2.75 inches apart.

Box springs provide support

A box spring provides support for a memory foam mattress, so you might be wondering if it’s necessary for your new bed. Although you can purchase all-foam mattresses, the foam itself may not be supported properly without a foundation. These foundations can come in several different shapes, such as metal bases or wooden slats. While a typical box spring is made of a metal frame and a solid wood top, it doesn’t give as much support as other materials. A foam mattress will lose its shape without proper foundation. It could also result in pain, discomfort, and stress if it’s not supported properly.

Slatted foundations prevent sagging

Most modern mattresses can be placed on a slatted foundation. Slats are spaced roughly three to four inches apart. These slats are the ideal support system for a memory foam mattress. They also provide a cool surface that prevents mildew from growing. If slatted foundations don’t work for your room, you can place plywood or a bunkie board between the mattress and foundation. If you still have an old box spring, throw it out and buy a new one. Your sleep will be significantly improved.

Adding a foundation to a memory foam mattress

Adding a foundation to a memory-foam mattress will provide a firm, flat surface to rest your head and body on while you sleep. Without a foundation, the mattress may sink inward, creating muscle strains and aches. This could also throw your spine out of alignment, causing pain. Fortunately, there are several different types of foundations available. Learn which types of foundations will work best for you and your mattress by reading the following guide:

Choosing a bed frame for a memory foam mattress

A metal bed frame is recommended for a heavier memory foam mattress, and it should be supported by a high-quality box spring. Some larger beds need a fifth leg for extra support. Some beds are electric, and feature a multi-hinged lying surface that can be customized to meet the needs of each individual sleeper. These beds have features that make them ideal for memory foam mattresses, including adjustable heights and lower and upper body positions.


What kind of bed frame is best for a memory foam mattress?Memory foam mattresses are designed to mold around the body, so they are better off supported by a firm foundation. This means that a bed frame should have either hardwood slats or a rigid base.

Can you use a regular bed frame with a memory foam mattress?Yes, but it won’t last long. Memory foam mattresses tend to sink into their foundations, which causes them to lose shape quickly. If you want a longer lifespan, then get a bed frame suitable for memory foam mattresses.

Are platform beds good for memory foam mattresses?Platform beds are usually made from wood and have thick slats. These types of beds are more comfortable than standard ones, but they also take up a lot of space. That usually provides good support for a memory foam mattress.

Can a foam mattress go on a metal bed frame?It depends on the metal slats used. Some metal bed frames are made from aluminum, which is softer than steel. The combination of a foam mattress and an aluminum bed frame is not recommended. Aluminum tends to wear down over time and cause damage to your mattress.

Is it OK to put a memory foam mattress on a regular box spring?No, a memory foam mattress needs a sturdy foundation to provide proper support. Box springs are too soft and flimsy to do the job.

Can you put a memory foam mattress on plywood?Plywood is very stable, but it doesn’t allow the mattress to breathe. A memory foam mattress needs something firm to keep it in place but that also allows air circulation.

Do you need a special base for a foam mattress?A foam mattress requires a solid foundation that also allows air circulation. Slatted foundations are usually fine.

What kind of frame do you put a memory foam mattress on?

To properly support your memory foam mattress, you must place it over a solid frame. An elevated bed will protect you from the floor’s environment, which can be uncomfortable and even dangerous. Furthermore, an elevated bed will look more appealing in your bedroom. If you’re not sure what type of frame to choose for your mattress, read on to learn more about what types of frames will be best for your mattress.

What base is best for a memory foam mattress?

If you’re considering purchasing a memory foam mattress, you should choose a foundation that will support it properly. There are many types of beds that will support a memory foam mattress, but you need to choose one that fits your lifestyle. Platform beds, for instance, are a simple design that don’t include a headboard or footboard. You can place your mattress on a platform bed, which will provide the support your mattress needs without taking up precious space.

Can you put a memory foam mattress on a frame?

There are some ways to use a box spring to support your memory foam mattress. One simple method is to place plywood or a bunky board on top of the box spring. This method will enhance the mattress’s support and lifespan. However, the memory foam mattress is best used with a solid foundation with slats no wider than 2.75 inches. If you want to use a box spring, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Can you use a memory foam mattress on a metal bed frame?

If you’re wondering, “Can you use a memory foam mattress on e metal bed frame?” then read on. You’ll discover some of the pros and cons of using this type of mattress on a metal bed frame. A good foundation is essential to the comfort of your mattress. It should be flat with slats approximately three inches apart. Any wider than that will cause the foam to sag.

What do I put under a memory foam mattress?

You’ve probably wondered: What do I put under a memory foam bed? It’s important to make sure that your bed is sturdy and level, and to remember that the weight of a memory foam mattress is a lot. A box spring is the traditional choice, but a memory foam mattress requires more support than a standard spring. A good foundation allows the memory foam to breathe and prevents it from sagging. It also helps to extend the life of your new mattress without compromising its benefits.

Can a box spring be used for memory foam mattress?

Fortunately, there are several foundations that are suitable for a memory foam mattress. If you choose to use a metal foundation, it’s important to note that it will likely cause uneven support and cause sagging across the entire bed. For this reason, it’s best to use a solid wood foundation instead. In some cases, you might find a split foundation to be sufficient.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to buying a memory foam mattress, the right bed frame is an important consideration. While most memory foam mattress makers sell frames with adjustable heights and different leg lengths, not all models have these features. The key is to find a frame that fits your mattress type and budget. The following tips will help you choose the perfect bed frame for your memory foam mattress. Just remember to check the warranty and return policy first!


I am Wasim Khan Sujon, a mattress lover. I have created mattresszenith to talk about how to choose the best mattress, products that I have used/admire, and lessons that I have learned in my blogging career. I am a fan of the best bed.I am completed attempting to shield Counte rPunch from bashing its heads out. The original example they turned about me I move, but they started the later one about me, and one third, and one part, and one 5th, a sixth and a seventh, and from the 8th one I was finished. Buddhas are flipping tables from the 8th term. I never stayed to consider? However, what about me? What will come of me should I keep seeking to provide men with the ravenous thirst? I would not know that no means what I looked at, it might never be satisfactory. It required not about me. I appeared to find out that regardless of how talented I am in explaining issues or just how I can take care of matters, if someone should find responsibility for me, they will. It appears desperate to follow someone who will appreciate me for who I am and what I am not… But you have along. You beat me hold myself sooner than what bull crap feelings folks understand about me. You backed me to arouse and lead about me. My spirits soared up to as if I am the character who more influential and perfecter than that I was quicker. Perhaps this is selfish of me to marvel. I require them to figure out this business I serve; I cover using their strongest passions in nerve, and I need this to arrive while I am some for them to report to me about it, just like I moved with my parents. It is about me dealing with experiences that survive in my background. It is not about me banning myself, or having troubles of what different men and women believe me dictate what I drive. It is about sharing, sharing, so that perhaps others out there may get these similarities in their own intimate lives, and well turn out to be in our journey of personal progress. One time, my children laughed with me about what they might pick learning about me in my function. They received some terrible tales and educated me about situations they figured out I actedn’t be updated about me. We all howled and ordered a tremendous note. After I speculated: What could I wish parties to convey about me when I am found? Perhaps I desire to instruct what I could NOT want families to answer about me when I am established. I feel that’s likely. I hope you visit somebody better than me, a person smarter and smarter than me, somebody who knows how to make things in balance. After a while, it was not all the matters, and it was about achievement, and also the way I depended on winning price from having more. The right way to start, I don’t much partake in adapting to this required. I am a specific individual, as a few is. I have always seen that enjoys Tumblr to be an intriguing platform- like as the artist; I feel it’s natural to say people’s ideas over the combination of the two pictures and composing. The small place to gather my little everyday thoughts, travels, adventures, and feelings. The journal that every introverted 20-year older woman will relate to, filled with antecedents, anxiety, and giggles. Please visit my experiences and my faults. I expect several items I ship can perform; you believe. That is my goal – happy, confused, unhappy, motivated. Just think through images and words. My blog is 100% reader-supported.

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