Sleep Like Royalty: The Top-Rated Mattresses for a King-Size Murphy Bed

The top-rated mattresses for a king-size murphy bed are the lucid 12-inch gel memory foam mattress, the sleep innovations shiloh 12-inch memory foam mattress, and the zinus memory foam 12-inch green tea mattress. A murphy bed is a great solution for small spaces, but finding the right mattress for it can be a challenge.

You want a mattress that’s comfortable, supportive, and durable, but also one that won’t cause damage to your murphy bed. In this article, we’ll explore the top-rated mattresses for a king-size murphy bed, taking into account factors such as thickness, support, and materials.

Whether you prefer a traditional innerspring mattress or a modern memory foam mattress, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and find the perfect mattress for your murphy bed.

Sleep Like Royalty: The Top-Rated Mattresses for a King-Size Murphy Bed


Factors To Consider When Choosing A Mattress For A King-Size Murphy Bed

When it comes to choosing the right mattress for your king-size murphy bed, there are several key factors to consider. From the size and thickness of the mattress to the material and durability, each element should be carefully weighed up to ensure you choose the perfect option for your needs.

We’ll explore the top-rated mattresses for a king-size murphy bed, as well as discussing the most important factors to consider before making your purchase.

Size And Thickness Of The Mattress

When choosing a mattress for your king-size murphy bed, it’s important to consider both the size and thickness. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Make sure the mattress fits your murphy bed frame appropriately by measuring the dimensions of the frame carefully.
  • Opt for a mattress that is thin enough to fold up easily into the bed frame, but thick enough to provide the necessary comfort and support.
  • In general, a thickness of around 8-12 inches is ideal for a murphy bed mattress, depending on your personal preference.

Breathability And Temperature Regulation

Another important factor to bear in mind is the breathability and temperature regulation of the mattress. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Choose a mattress with good ventilation to ensure it stays cool and fresh throughout the night.
  • Materials like latex and foam tend to retain more heat, so make sure to look for mattresses with cooling technology if you prefer a cooler sleeping surface.
  • Breathable materials like cotton and wool can also help regulate temperature and keep you comfortable throughout the night.

Support And Firmness Level

The level of support and firmness you need in a mattress will depend on your personal preferences, as well as any specific physical needs you have. Here are some key points to consider:

  • For those with back pain or other physical issues, a firmer mattress may be more beneficial, as it can provide more support and help alleviate discomfort.
  • However, if you prefer a softer surface, there are plenty of options available as well.
  • Look for mattresses with good edge support if you tend to move around a lot in your sleep, as this can help prevent you from feeling as though you’re about to fall off the edge.

Material And Durability

The material and durability of the mattress are also important considerations when choosing a murphy bed option. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Look for high-quality materials that are designed to withstand regular folding and unfolding without losing their shape.
  • Hybrid mattresses (which combine foam and other materials) can be a good option for a balanced feel of comfort and durability.
  • Consider how long the mattress is likely to last, as well as any warranty information that applies.

Convenience And Ease Of Use

Finally, it’s important to consider how convenient and easy-to-use the mattress is when it comes to folding and unfolding your murphy bed. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Opt for mattresses that are lightweight and easy to maneuver, as well as those that can be easily rolled or folded.
  • Make sure any additional bedding (like sheets and blankets) can be easily accommodated within the bed frame, without feeling too bulky or heavy.

Overall, choosing the right mattress for your king-size murphy bed comes down to finding a balance between comfort, support, durability, and convenience. With these key factors in mind, you can select the perfect option to ensure a great night’s sleep every time.

1. The Saatva Classic Mattress

The saatva classic mattress is an excellent choice for a king-size murphy bed. It offers an impressive combination of comfort, durability, and affordability. Here is a breakdown of its features and benefits:

Features And Benefits Of The Mattress

  • Coil-on-coil design: The saatva classic mattress features two layers of coils that provide exceptional support and comfort. The bottom layer is made up of 416 tempered steel support coils that help distribute weight evenly. The top layer consists of individually wrapped coils that respond to your body’s shape and movements, preventing motion transfer.
  • High-quality materials: The mattress is made of top-notch materials, including organic cotton, euro pillow top, and eco-friendly foam. These materials are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and breathable, ensuring you get a healthy and comfortable sleeping experience.
  • Comfortable firmness: The saatva classic mattress offers a medium-firm feel, perfect for most people. It conforms to your body, relieving pressure points, and ensuring proper spine alignment.
  • Exceptional edge support: The mattress features a foam-encased edge support system that provides consistent support across the entire surface, eliminating sag and enhancing durability.

Explanation Of How The Mattress Suits A King-Size Murphy Bed

  • Perfect size: The saatva classic mattress comes in three different thickness options – 11.5 inches, 14.5 inches, and 8.75 inches – that can fit any king-size murphy bed frame.
  • Easy to move: The mattress’s modular design makes it easy to move around and fit into tight spaces, such as a murphy bed cabinet. It also comes with handles on each side, making lifting and positioning more accessible.
  • Durability: The mattress’s coil-on-coil design and high-quality materials make it durable enough to withstand frequent use, ideal for a murphy bed that gets opened and closed regularly.

Customer Reviews And Ratings

  • The saatva classic mattress has received overwhelmingly positive customer reviews, with most customers raving about its comfort, support, and durability.
  • It has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 on the saatva website, based on over 24,500 verified reviews. Customers are particularly impressed with its comfort, support, and eco-friendliness.
  • Many reviewers also appreciate the company’s excellent customer service, hassle-free delivery, and friendly return policy.

The saatva classic mattress is an outstanding choice for your king-size murphy bed. Its coil-on-coil design, high-quality materials, and comfortable firmness make it an excellent investment for your sleep quality. The mattress’s easy-to-move modular design and exceptional durability make it an ideal fit for a murphy bed.

Finally, with its overwhelmingly positive customer reviews and ratings, the saatva classic mattress is a trusted choice for many happy customers.

2. The Avocado Green Mattress

The avocado green mattress is a top-rated mattress that has caught the attention of many customers looking for the perfect bed for their king-size murphy bed. This eco-friendly mattress has several features and benefits that make it a popular choice among those seeking both comfort and sustainability.

Features And Benefits Of The Mattress

  • 100% organic cotton cover that is soft, breathable, and free from harmful chemicals
  • Gols organic certified latex that provides pressure relief and support for a good night’s sleep
  • Up to 1,414 pocketed support coils that minimize motion transfer and enhance durability
  • Non-toxic fire retardant barrier made from natural hydrated silica
  • Dual-sided firmness options of standard and pillow-top for the perfect balance of comfort and support
  • Handmade in california in a sustainable eco-factory

Explanation Of How The Mattress Suits A King-Size Murphy Bed

The avocado green mattress has the perfect dimensions and weight for a king-size murphy bed, making it an excellent choice for those who own this type of bed. Here’s why it suits a king-size murphy bed:

  • It features a height of 11 inches, which is enough to provide optimum support and cushioning without taking too much space in the bed frame.
  • The mattress is lightweight enough to make it easy to lift and fold the bed back into the wall unit.
  • Made from organic materials, this mattress is hypoallergenic and free from toxic chemicals, making it a safe option for those who are sensitive to allergens.

Customer Reviews And Ratings

The avocado green mattress has received rave reviews from customers who have tried it out, proving that it is indeed a top-rated mattress. Here are some reviews and ratings:

  • “i’m a big fan of the avocado green pillow top mattress. It’s very supportive, yet soft enough to let you sink in a bit. I have never slept better in my life!” – julie w, 5/5 rating
  • “i love that this mattress is eco-friendly and organic. It’s of high-quality and provides excellent support. Best of all, it’s the perfect size for our king-size murphy bed!” – mark s, 5/5 rating
  • “the mattress is comfortable, but it’s a bit too firm for my liking. I wish there was a softer option.” – samantha n, 3/5 rating

The avocado green mattress is an excellent option for those seeking a comfortable, eco-friendly, and supportive mattress for their king-size murphy bed. With its numerous features and benefits, it is easy to see why it has received so much praise from customers who have tried it out.

3. The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Features And Benefits Of The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

When it comes to finding the perfect mattress for your king-size murphy bed, the nectar memory foam mattress should be at the top of your list. Here are the features and benefits of this high-quality mattress:

  • The nectar memory foam mattress is made with five layers of premium foam, including quilted gel memory foam, adaptive hi-core memory foam, and a breathable base layer. This ensures that you get the ideal balance of comfort and support, regardless of how you sleep.
  • This mattress has a medium-firm feel, which is perfect for those who want a high level of support without sacrificing comfort.
  • The nectar memory foam mattress is designed with your health in mind. It is certipur-us® certified, meaning it is free from hazardous chemicals and harmful materials.
  • This mattress comes with a 365-night sleep trial, so you can try it out risk-free. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that you are investing in a high-quality product.

Explanation Of How The Mattress Suits A King-Size Murphy Bed

If you have a king-size murphy bed, you might be wondering how the nectar memory foam mattress can suit your unique needs. Here’s how:

  • The high-quality foam used in the construction of the nectar memory foam mattress allows it to conform to your body, ensuring that you get a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface, even when your bed is in a horizontal position.
  • This mattress is designed with motion isolation in mind, which means that you won’t be disturbed by your partner’s movements throughout the night. This is especially important if you have limited space in your bedroom and need to share a bed with someone else.
  • The nectar memory foam mattress is easy to move and adjust, which is essential if you need to move your murphy bed regularly or if you want to take the mattress with you on trips.

Customer Reviews And Ratings

Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what customers have to say about the nectar memory foam mattress:

  • “after months of sleepless nights, i finally decided to invest in a nectar mattress. And let me tell you, it was the best decision i ever made. I sleep like a baby now, and i wake up feeling refreshed and energized.” – tom r.
  • “i was skeptical at first, but the 365-night sleep trial convinced me to give the nectar mattress a try. And i’m so glad i did. This mattress is incredibly comfortable and supportive, and it’s made a huge difference in my sleep quality.” – sarah k.
  • “the nectar memory foam mattress is hands down the best mattress i’ve ever owned. It contours to my body perfectly, and the medium-firm feel is just right. Plus, the lifetime warranty gives me peace of mind that i’ll never have to buy another mattress again.” – mike l.

With its premium foam construction, supportive design, and rave customer reviews, the nectar memory foam mattress is the perfect choice for your king-size murphy bed.

4. The Purple Hybrid Mattress

The Purple Hybrid Mattress

If you’re searching for a top-rated mattress to fit your king-size murphy bed, then the purple hybrid mattress is worth considering. This high-quality mattress is designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort and support, while fitting into your space-saving murphy bed with ease.

Features And Benefits Of The Mattress

Here are the key features and benefits of the purple hybrid mattress that makes it an excellent choice for your murphy bed:

  • Hybrid construction: This mattress is made with a unique hybrid construction that combines the responsiveness of coils and the pressure-relieving comfort of purple’s patented grid™ technology.
  • Medium-firm feel: With a medium-firm feel, this mattress provides the perfect level of support for your spine, making sure it is optimally aligned.
  • Cooling technology: The purple hybrid mattress features cooling technology that promotes airflow and keeps you cool throughout the night, even on warm summer nights.
  • Motion isolation: The design of this mattress helps to reduce motion transfer, allowing you to sleep soundly without being disturbed by your partner’s movements.
  • Durable: The purple hybrid mattress is built to last, ensuring that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep on it for years to come.

Explanation Of How The Mattress Suits A King-Size Murphy Bed

Here’s why the purple hybrid mattress is an excellent choice for your king-size murphy bed:

  • Fits perfectly: The purple hybrid mattress is available in multiple sizes, including king size, making sure it fits perfectly into your king-size murphy bed.
  • Easy to move: This mattress is relatively lightweight and easy to move around, making it a smart choice for those who need to pack up their murphy bed frequently.
  • Comfortable: The hybrid construction and medium-firm feel of the purple hybrid mattress ensure that you’ll get a good night’s sleep, even in a space-saving murphy bed.

Customer Reviews And Ratings

Here’s what customers are saying about the purple hybrid mattress:

  • “i love this mattress! It’s so comfortable, especially for a hybrid mattress”
  • “excellent quality and comfortable”
  • “i am super happy with my purchase. The purple hybrid mattress is the perfect blend of support and comfort”
  • “great mattress and worth the price. I love the cooling technology.”

Overall, the purple hybrid mattress is an excellent choice for a king-size murphy bed, offering unparalleled comfort and support. Its hybrid construction, cooling technology, and motion isolation make it a popular choice amongst customers.

5. The Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Mattress

Features And Benefits Of The Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Mattress

The brooklyn aurora hybrid mattress has gained a reputation in the industry for its advanced cooling technology and luxurious features. This king-sized murphy bed mattress offers the following features and benefits:

  • Superior cooling: The brooklyn aurora hybrid mattress creates a cool-to-the-touch sensation with its patented titancool™ technology, making it the perfect option for those hot summer nights.
  • Pressure relief: The mattress includes copper gel-infused foam for excellent contouring and reduces pressure points to make sure you sleep cool and comfortable.
  • Comfort: With a hybrid design for support and comfort, the aurora model uses a mixture of foam, coils, and a pocketed coil base layer that provides incredible comfort and support.
  • Customizable firmness: The mattress comes in different firmness levels, ensuring that clients can choose a comfortable sleep surface that works best for them.
  • Durability: The aurora hybrid mattress’s durability and construction should put users’ concerns to rest. And for an added bit of peace of mind, purchasers can take advantage of the mattress’s 10-year warranty.

Explanation Of How The Mattress Suits A King-Size Murphy Bed

The brooklyn aurora hybrid mattress is a perfect choice for a king-size murphy bed for the following reasons:

  • Versatility: The mattress provides a comfortable sleep surface, ideal to fold out from a murphy bed whenever there is a need for extra sleeping space.
  • Thickness: This mattress comes in different thickness levels, allowing it to fit perfectly on a king-size murphy bed without losing its quality.
  • Comfortable: The mattress’s hybrid design can accommodate different body weights and sleeping styles, ensuring a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.
  • Space-saving design: The brooklyn aurora hybrid mattress’s compact design ensures that it is an excellent fit for a murphy bed, freeing up valuable space while retaining exceptional comfort and support.

Customer Reviews And Ratings

Several satisfied customers have given positive reviews and ratings about the brooklyn aurora hybrid mattress. Here are a few of them:

  • Jack t, a satisfied customer, says, “the brooklyn aurora hybrid mattress is honestly everything i envisioned; it’s incredibly comfortable and fits perfectly on my king-size murphy bed.”
  • Kate k, another pleased client, says, “i recently got a king-size murphy bed and needed a mattress that would fit, and i am so glad i went with the brooklyn aurora hybrid mattress. It is super comfortable, and you can tell it is built to last.”

Overall, customers are delighted with the brooklyn aurora hybrid mattress’s ability to provide a cool and comfortable sleep surface while having the perfect thickness and dimensions to fit their murphy beds. With a 4. 5-star rating and countless positive reviews, the brooklyn aurora hybrid mattress has become a customer favorite.

Frequently Asked Questions Of What Are The Top-Rated Mattresses For A King-Size Murphy Bed?

What Is A Murphy Bed?

A murphy bed is a type of bed that can be folded into a wall or cabinet when not in use, making it an ideal choice for small living spaces.

What Are The Benefits Of A Murphy Bed?

Murphy beds can save space, provide additional storage, and are multi-functional. They can be used as a sleeping area at night and as an office or living space during the day.

What Should I Consider When Choosing A Mattress For A Murphy Bed?

When choosing a mattress for a murphy bed, consider its weight, thickness, and flexibility. A thinner, lighter mattress will be easier to fold and store in the cabinet.

What Are The Top-Rated Mattresses For A King-Size Murphy Bed?

The top-rated mattresses for a king-size murphy bed include the layla hybrid, saatva classic, amerisleep as3 hybrid, and avocado green mattress.

How Do I Maintain My Murphy Bed Mattress?

To maintain your murphy bed mattress, rotate it every three months. Invest in a mattress protector to protect it from spills and dust buildup. Clean it using a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth.

Can I Use A Regular Mattress On A Murphy Bed?

While you can use a regular mattress on a murphy bed, it’s important to choose one that’s flexible and lightweight. A heavier, thicker mattress may be difficult to fold and store.


Ultimately, choosing the right mattress for a king-size murphy bed is crucial in ensuring a good night’s sleep and maximizing the functionality of your space. It’s important to consider factors like firmness, material, and size when making your decision. The top-rated mattresses for a king-size murphy bed include the classic brands mercer pillow top cool gel memory foam and innerspring hybrid mattress, the ashley furniture chime express 12 inch hybrid mattress, and the zinus green tea memory foam mattress.

Each of these options offers unique features and benefits, so it’s essential to weigh your priorities and preferences before making a final decision. By taking the time to research and choose the right mattress for your individual needs, you can transform your king-size murphy bed into the ultimate oasis for a restful night’s sleep.


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