Why are Children getting addicted to Smartbase bed frame?

By Wasim Khan Sujon

Updated June 24,2023

Despite the name, the SmartBase bed frame is more than just a bed frame. It is actually a mattress foundation. The patented design of the foundation provides maximum support and durability. Its multiple points of contact with the floor prevent the mattress from sagging, and there are 13 inches of floor clearance under the frame for optimal mattress support.

The smart folding design of the SmartBase frame is easy to assemble and disassemble. It also has a 5-year limited warranty and is available in two colors: white and black.

Smartbase bed frame

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It is hard to find a good bed and good bedframe. The bed has to be comfortable and supportive. There are many options when it comes to bedding. Some people like things that are firm while others like softer beds. While the bed does need to be comfortable, a person does not want their bed or their bedframe taking up all of the space in their bedroom. A smart base bed frame will comfortable and supportive while allowing a person to have a storage place under the bed.

        About the Smart Base Bed Frame:

        A smart base bed frame is one of the easiest frames to put together and will give the mattress a platform so that it is not on the floor. This frame can be put together in as little as 10 minutes, and the mattress can be put right on top of it. The hardest part of assembling the process is to remove it from the box. Once a person opens the box, there are full instructions on how to put it together. Once the frame is out of the box, a person will need to tighten the areas according to the instructions, and then the setup is complete. If a person has to take this frame down for transporting, they can loosen the areas and box it up. This is some simple anyone can put it together.

smartbase bed frames

        Sizes of the Smart Base Bed Frame:

        The dimensions for this smart base are 15 inches tall, and there are 15 inches of space between the bed and the floor. This will allow for additional storage. This is great for those that are looking for ways to save space. The smart base can also come in a 14-inch model. The full, queen or king-size can hold up to 500 pounds. The twin size will be able to support the body weight of up to 250 pounds. This mattress is supportive of the body and the back. There are also no-slip pads. This will allow the mattress to have additional stability.

        Functions of the Smartbase:

        The smart base is a simple metal frame. While many people would think that the bed has technological features, it does not. It is just a simple base to put together that will support the body, reduce noise from movement, and holds the mattress. There are no scientific features used.

Why Smartbase bed frames is comfortable ?

This base uses simple competition to make it supportive and comfortable. The frame has a center bar for increasing support for the back and safety. The center bar is then reinforced with wires that are spaced three inches from each other for additional support. This will also help keep the mattress warranty valid. If the frame has more than 4 inches between each of the slats, than the warranty will not be honored. The smart base comes in the color black. This color fits in with the design and coloring of most rooms.

smartbase bed frames

        Use for the Smartbase:

        This smart base frame does not need to be used with a box spring. It was designed so that a person will not need to purchase this and save money. If the person wants to purchase the box spring, they can still use it on this frame. They will need to make sure their weight, the weight of the mattress, and the additional weight from the box spring do not exceed the weight limit.


        The smart base bed frame is designed to use fewer materials and take up less space while being fully functional. This will allow a person to free up space in the room. They will not have to worry about storage since these items can be placed under the frame. If a person wants to hide this storage area, they can put a bed skirt up, and no one will be able to see anything stored under this frame.

smartbase bed frames

        Extend the Life of the Mattress:

        The mattress is supported when place on this smart base. With the reinforcement on this base, the mattress will be able to evenly distribute a person’s body weight. This will help reduce shock, and since the weight is even, it will help prevent the mattress from sagging. This will allow the mattress to last for several years, and it will still be comfortable. The extra stability will also help make sure the mattress is safe and secure to use.

smartbase bed frames

        Sleeping Types:

        People sleep in different positions. Some people sleep on their backs while others are on their stomachs or sides. All types of sleeping positions can benefit from the smart base. This base can be matched with a soft or a firm mattress to match the sleeper that will be using it. Everyone, no matter how they sleep, can find comfort on this base.

     Next Generation:

        Many experts in the mattress industry are referring to the smart base as the next generation in sleep technology. This mattress will be sent in a box right to a person’s home. They do not need any special skills or tools to put the mattress together. The design is strong and durable.

High Quality:

The design allows for safe storage. People like things that are of high quality and they can put together without any special skills. This smart base delivers on this and is becoming a popular choice for many people. The consumer does not want to struggle to put the base of their bed together and want something simple and easy. This is where the smart base comes in and will impress them.

smartbase bed frames

        Free from Noise:

        No one wants to be kept awake by a squeaking bed. When the frame begins to age or when it is not set up properly. This noise can keep a person up at night and prevent them from sleeping. The smart base will not squeak, and a person can install it correctly by reading the directions and with no tools. The mattress is held firmly in place, so it does not shift or make any type of noise when a person moves around at night.


        Some things can be added to the smart base. They are optional and not needed for the design, but there are ways to dress up the smart base.


        There are brackets if a person chooses to install a headboard. While this is not required some people like this feature. There are also brackets for those that want the optional footboard. These items can be purchased online. They are easy to install, as well. A person will need to look at the headboard and its dimensions so they can purchase the correct brackets for installation.

        Bed Skirts:

        If a person is going to store items under their bed, they can purchase a bed skirt. This skirt will be able to cover the sides of the frame so that the items under it will not be seen. This is not required, but it good for those that do not want their items in storage showing.

        Average Price:

        While the exact price of the smart base will vary based on the brand, size, and where it is purchased, there are some averages that a person can keep in mind, so they will know if they are getting a good deal. The twin smart bases are around $55. This makes them very affordable. This is the average price before shipping and taxes. On the higher end, the average price for a larger smart frame is going to be around $100. Some special models are made to have a base that adjusts. A person will need to look at the model and be prepared to pay a little extra for these features.

        Importance of Sleep:

        Many people are not getting enough sleep. The average adult gets around five hours of sleep while the body needs at least 7 to 8. Some of the reasons why a person is not sleeping enough besides lack of time are lack of comfort. They cannot get comfortable in bed. According to information from the National Sleep Foundation, lack of sleep can have some dangerous consequences. Around 36 percent of adults have reported that they have felt drowsy when driving. The smart frame is supportive and will keep the mattress from slipping. This will allow a person to get comfortable in bed and get to sleep faster.


  • the base is strong and will be able to support the weight
  •   the base is designed to fold up so it can be stored when not in use
  •      easy to set up with no tools
  •         allows for additional storage
  • designed with safety in mind
  •         affordable

        Who is the Smart base frame Best For?

        -This smart base bed frame is good for people that want a quality bed frame but maybe on a limited income. This bedframe is all a person needs besides their mattress. There is no box spring needed in addition to the frame. A person will not have to purchase separate units. Only one purchase is made, and that is all that is needed as far as the frame is concerned.

        -This is also great for people that do not like the noise from their bed frames. If they move around often at night or their partner does, this bed frame will not squeak or shift. A person will be able to get a quiet night of sleep.

        – The smart base can be used by people that are moving often or are planning to move soon. Unlike box springs and other items, the smart base is easy to put together and then take apart. This can be done without a hassle.

        -This smart based is compatible with most bed-in-a-box mattresses that have been delivered to the home and came in a box.

        Can specialty mattresses be used with this base?

        Mattresses, including those for people with specific sleeping issues such as the sleep number beds, can be used with the smart base.

        Who this will not be a great fit for?

        These are many great features to the smart base; some people may not prefer this frame as much as others. 

  • people looking for an affordable yet reliable base 

        -the smart base does not come with a headboard. If a person is looking to purchase a headboard, they will need to purchase it separately.

        -If a person is looking for a bed frame with a fancy design or comes with accents for the beauty, they can purchase a more expensive frame that is fancy.

smartbase bed frames

        Can a headboard be attached to the frame?    

        While a headboard is not needed, it can be attached to the smart base. A person will need a bracket for the attachment. The bracket can be purchased online and shipped right to a person’s home.

        Is there a special mattress to use?

        Can any mattress be used with the smart base?

Foam, springs, and other types of mattresses from different companies can be used on this base.

        Can the smart base be folded?

        When it is not being used or purchase for guests, the smart base can be folded and stored. It will fold up easily, and a person does not need a great deal of strength to fold and to store the base.

        Will impressions be left in the mattress?

        While these impressions will not damage the mattress, there will be small marks. A person will not be able to see this since these marks will be against the frame.

Final Words:

        The Smartbase bed frame is a great mattress for those that are looking for something safe and durable. This mattress can be put together in a matter of minutes. It is great for saving space in the room and will be able to provide additional storage. The mattress can be set directly on top of this smart frame. It is easy to pack up and move. The smart base frame is great for those that are looking to have a stable mattress, save space in their bedroom, and have something that can be put together within minutes.







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