Mattress Showdown: Pocket Springs vs. Continuous Coils

Pocket spring mattresses provide better contouring support and superior motion isolation while continuous coil mattresses offer more bounce and durability. Pocket spring mattresses contain individually encased coils that work independently, reducing motion transfer and providing more personalized support.

On the other hand, continuous coil mattresses have rows of interconnected coils that create motion throughout the mattress. In this article, we will discuss the differences between these two popular mattress types, their construction, and how they affect sleep quality.

Whether you’re looking for a new mattress or simply curious about the differences between pocket spring and continuous coil mattresses, this article will help you make an informed decision.

Mattress Showdown: Pocket Springs vs. Continuous Coils


Pocket Springs Vs. Continuous Coils: The Differences

When it comes to finding the perfect mattress, you might feel overwhelmed by the vast array of options. Two of the most popular types of mattresses are pocket spring and continuous coil. While both can provide a comfortable sleeping surface, they have some notable differences in terms of construction, support, and durability.

Let’s explore these differences below.

Explanation Of Pocket Springs

Pocket sprung mattresses contain hundreds or even thousands of small springs, each individually wrapped in a fabric pocket. These pockets of springs work independently to contour to your body, providing customized support while keeping motion transfer to a minimum. The following are some defining characteristics of pocket springs:

  • They come in various tension levels to suit different sleeping styles and preferences.
  • They offer better spinal alignment, particularly for side sleepers, because the springs respond to pressure on each point of the body.
  • They can be more expensive than continuous coil mattresses due to their intricate construction.

Explanation Of Continuous Coils

Continuous coil mattresses, also known as open coil mattresses, consist of a single looped wire that runs through the entire length and width of the bed. The coils are connected by a spiral wire, creating a grid-like pattern. The following are some defining characteristics of continuous coils:

  • They are generally less expensive than pocket sprung mattresses.
  • They are best suited for people who sleep on their back or stomach since they provide firmer support.
  • They offer a bouncier surface compared to pocket springs.

Comparison Of The Two Types Of Mattresses

When comparing pocket spring and continuous coil mattresses, you should consider factors such as support, durability, and price. Here’s a breakdown of how they differ:

  • Support: Pocket sprung mattresses provide more targeted support and better pressure relief, making them suitable for people with back pain, joint pain, or sleep problems. Continuous coil mattresses, on the other hand, offer firmer support and are better suited for those who prefer a sturdier sleeping surface.
  • Durability: Pocket sprung mattresses are generally considered more durable due to their individual spring pockets, which prevent the springs from shifting or becoming misshapen over time. Continuous coil mattresses, on the other hand, may sag or wear out more quickly.
  • Price: As mentioned before, pocket sprung mattresses are usually more expensive due to their complex construction and superior support. Continuous coil mattresses are often less expensive, making them a more budget-friendly option.

Both pocket sprung and continuous coil mattresses have their pros and cons, and the choice ultimately depends on your preferences and needs. It’s always recommended to test out different mattresses before making a purchase to ensure a comfortable and restful sleep experience.

Pocket Springs Vs. Continuous Coils: The Similarities

When it comes to choosing a mattress, many customers find themselves unsure about which type of mattress to choose. Two popular options are pocket spring and continuous coil mattresses. While they have some differences, they also share some similarities that are essential for getting a comfortable night’s sleep.

The Importance Of Mattress Support

  • Both pocket spring and continuous coil mattresses offer support to the body during sleep.
  • In both types of mattresses, the coils or springs distribute the weight of the body evenly across the surface.
  • A good mattress should provide adequate support to keep the spine in alignment and prevent waking up with aches and pains.

The Role Of Mattress Comfort

  • Comfort is important in both pocket spring and continuous coil mattresses.
  • In both types of mattresses, the padding provides a cushioning effect and controls temperature regulation.
  • Mattress comfort is subjective and depends on individual preferences and requirements.

The Impact Of Mattress Quality On Sleep

  • The quality of the mattress is essential for a good night’s sleep.
  • Both pocket spring and continuous coil mattresses come in different grades of quality.
  • Higher quality mattresses are usually more durable, provide better support and comfort, and last longer.
  • Choosing a high-quality mattress can reduce the risk of developing sleep-related issues such as pains, restless sleep, and insomnia.

Pocket spring and continuous coil mattresses are both viable options for individuals looking for a comfortable and supportive mattress. They both offer similar benefits in terms of support, comfort, and quality. When it comes to deciding which one to choose, it is important to consider personal preferences and needs and to choose a high-quality mattress that provides optimal support for a good night’s sleep.

Pocket Springs Vs. Continuous Coils: Which One To Choose?

Are you searching for a new mattress and trying to decide between pocket springs and continuous coil types? Both types of mattresses have their pros and cons, but which one should you choose? We’ll compare pocket springs and continuous coils to help you make an informed decision.

Factors To Consider When Making A Decision

Before purchasing a new mattress, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  • Comfort level: Pocket springs offer better support for all body types, while continuous coil mattresses may cause discomfort and sagging over time.
  • Budget: Pocket spring mattresses are typically more expensive than continuous coil mattresses.
  • Durability: Continuous coil mattresses may last longer than pocket spring mattresses.
  • Motion transfer: Pocket spring mattresses have minimal motion transfer, while continuous coil mattresses are prone to motion transfer.
  • Sleeping position: Pocket spring mattresses are suitable for all sleeping positions, while continuous coil mattresses are ideal for back sleepers.

Expert Opinions And Ratings

According to experts, pocket spring mattresses are a better choice for overall comfort and support. In terms of durability, both types of mattresses have their pros and cons, but pocket spring mattresses tend to last longer. In terms of motion transfer, pocket spring mattresses are the clear winner.

Tips For Finding The Right Mattress

Finding the right mattress is crucial for getting a good night’s sleep. Follow these tips to pick the right mattress:

  • Determine your budget before shopping for a mattress.
  • Consider your sleeping position and choose a mattress that suits your needs.
  • Check the mattress for comfort, support, motion transfer, and durability before purchasing.
  • Look for reviews online before making a decision.
  • Take your time when choosing a mattress and don’t feel pressured to make a quick decision.

Both pocket spring and continuous coil mattresses have their advantages, but pocket spring mattresses tend to provide better overall support and durability, while continuous coil mattresses may be better for back sleepers on a budget. Use the tips above to help guide your decision and find the perfect mattress for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions For How Does A Pocket Spring Mattress Compare To A Continuous Coil Mattress?

What Is A Pocket Spring Mattress Made Of?

A pocket spring mattress consists of many small springs individually placed in cloth pockets.

What Is A Continuous Coil Mattress Made Of?

A continuous coil mattress is made using a long piece of wire formed into rows of s-shaped coils.

Which Mattress Type Provides Better Support?

Pocket spring mattresses offer better support than continuous coil mattresses because the individual springs adjust to body weight.

Which Mattress Type Is More Durable?

Pocket spring mattresses last longer than continuous coil mattresses as the fabric encased springs have a lower chance of wire fatigue.

Can I Feel My Partner Move On A Pocket Spring Mattress?

Pocket spring mattresses are designed with motion isolation, unlike continuous coil mattresses, making them perfect for shared beds.

Is It Worth Investing In A Pocket Spring Mattress?

Yes, pocket spring mattresses are worth investing in because they offer excellent support, durability, motion isolation, and comfort.


By comparing pocket spring mattresses to continuous coil mattresses, we can conclude that pocket spring mattresses are a better choice for those seeking customized support and comfort. Pocket sprung mattresses offer extra support and absorption of movement due to the individual springs encased in fabric.

Additionally, they are excellent for reducing motion transfer and offering targeted support to different parts of the body. On the other hand, a continuous coil mattress, while cheaper, lacks the superior support and absorption qualities of a pocket spring mattress.

Ultimately, the choice between a pocket spring mattress and a continuous coil mattress depends on individual preferences and budget. However, if one is looking for a mattress that brings together durability, longevity, and a customized level of support and comfort, pocket spring mattresses are an excellent choice.

So invest in the right type of mattress for a better quality of life and a sound sleep.


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