Best Mattress For Aging Bodies In 2023

By Wasim Khan Sujon

Updated June 13,2023

If you’re an older person, you may want to consider a mattress designed for aging bodies. You’ll notice a big difference if you’re overweight, since older people often have trouble moving around.

You’ll need a mattress that is flexible and supportive. Choose a mattress with coils and a latex layer, which keeps you supported and comfortable. A latex or foam-covered mattress is best if you’re in need of extra support.

Best Mattress For Aging Bodies

As our age advances, we often learn how to put up with aches and pains that afflict us in mature age. Even if we’ve managed to avoid certain major chronic conditions, the chances are that many people can feel rather stiff as a result of getting older.

When this happens, many of us tend to tell ourselves that this is something normal, a natural consequence of the aging process.

The problem with this, however, is that it may prevent some from taking active measures against these aches. And this may result in the development or aggravation of certain health conditions.

Choosing best mattress for aging bodies is something that should become a priority in the quest to prevent a lot of unpleasant conditions and, at the same time, to help handle those which may have already developed.

One of the most important things that you should consider, especially if you are feeling joint tension or back pain, shoulder, hips or neck, is your mattress. Our bodies change as we grow older, and so does their requirements for mattresses.

We’ve chosen eight beds from some of the best options on the market, and to provide you with a quick guide on how to pick a mattress that’s geared towards your personal preferences and requirements.

Shopping Recommendation:

Are you confident that a mattress for seniors is the perfect option for you? If so, continue exploring this page!

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Small Image Of Casper Original MattressSPINE ALIGNMENTThe CasperTrial: 100 NightsWhite Glove Delivery Option: YesCLICK HERE FOR PRICE
loom and leaf small mobile imageEASY REPOSITIONINGLoom & LeafTrial: 180 NightsWhite Glove Delivery Option: YesCLICK HERE FOR PRICE
layla bed new medium product imagePRESSURE RELIEFLaylaTrial: 120 NightsWhite Glove Delivery Option: NoCLICK HERE FOR PRICE
mobile small product image of bear mattressACTIVE SENIORSBearTrial: 365 NightsWhite Glove Delivery Option: NoCLICK HERE FOR PRICE
Small Product Image of Zenhaven by SaatvaFIRM SUPPORTZenhavenTrial: 180 NightsWhite Glove Delivery Option: YesCLICK HERE FOR PRICE
helix sleep small imageCUSTOMIZABLEHelixTrial: 100 DaysWhite Glove Delivery Option: NoCLICK HERE FOR PRICE
small product image of copper dreamsBUDGET CHOICECopper DreamsTrial: 120 NightsWhite Glove Delivery Option: NoCLICK HERE FOR PRICE

Top 7 Best Mattress For Aging Bodies

The Casper – Spine Alignment


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 100-Night Sleep Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Designed and Assembled in the USA

Casper’s a well-known brand in the industry that is always thinking up ways to update and improve their all-foam bed, and their new support system provides a great balance of comfort and spinal alignment that works to combat back pain and pain in arthritic joints.

This mattress is also exceptionally versatile, and it works great for combination sleepers or couples who have different sleep needs. More active sleepers who need to change sleep position easily can do so in this bed because of three key features: The quick-responding top foam, the shallower cushioning depth, and bounce.

What stands out? Sometimes, beds that are supportive enough to keep your spine straight can feel uncomfortably firm, especially in more pointy areas of the body like shoulders and knees. Casper’s new Zoned Support™ provides a little extra boost of firmness under your hips without sacrificing comfortable pressure relief at the top and bottom of the bed.

Casper is a bed-in-a-box brand, which means it is rolled up into a smaller box and requires some minimal installation, but the company can arrange for a professional delivery service to carry the mattress to your bedroom and install it on your frame. This brand is also a great match for adjustable frames.

Looking to learn more? Visit our full overview for Casper bed here.

Loom & Leaf–Easy Repositioning


  • Certified Organic Cotton
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 180-Night Trial
  • 15-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

loom and leaf imageCLICK TO SEE PRICE

Loom & Leaf, a brand by Saatva, provides a luxury look and feel for a fraction of the price of many comparable high-end retail models.

Unlike more traditional memory foam mattress constructions, this one maintains a gentler cradle that is easier to navigate while the quality foams contour to the body’s shape.

This brand features a certified organic cotton cover that’s also breathable. Underneath is 3 inches of memory foam infused with zoned gel for optimum cooling and spine support. Further down is a transitional foam layer followed by a highly dense foam base.

What makes this bed unique? Regardless of which firmness option you choose, you will not find that you sink into a deep hug, which is common with more traditional brands. The tightly stretched cover creates a hammocking effect that keeps you sleeping closer to the surface of the bed, a feature that helps prevent overheating and eases repositioning.

Unlike some online retailers, all of Saatva’s brands are delivered at their full size by professionals that assist you with their installation free of charge. All are compatible with adjustable frames.

Want to read more? Check out our in-depth Loom and Leaf bed review.

Layla – Pressure Relief


  • Double-Sided (Soft and Firm)
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 120-Night Sleep Trial
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made in the USA

layla bed updated designCLICK TO SEE PRICE

With the double-sided Layla, you are really getting two mattresses for the price of one, but those in search of a deeper hug inside pressure-relieving memory foam should find it on the bed’s Soft side that offers up a truly classic experience.

What is the best feature? On its softer side, this brand offers up 3 inches of comfort foam and an another 2 of supportive convoluted foam, which has a similar structure to egg crate, which molds to the body.

Though these materials have a reputation for retaining heat, Layla has taken an innovative approach to cooling by incorporating copper, a highly conductive substance that also has antimicrobial properties. The cover also contains a gel that also works to control temperature.

Though the Soft size excels at removing stress from sore joints, some may find a deeper cradle slightly difficult to navigate. This effect can be mitigated with an adjustable base, or you may elect to use it Firm side up, which starts with a thinner layer of memory foam and has a shallower cradle.

Need more info? See our our full review for Layla bed here.

Bear Mattress – Active Seniors


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 365-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Children’s Charity Initiative
  • Made in the USA


Your best night’s sleep helps you recover from an active day and wake refreshed to hit the road again, and the makers of Bear want to boost your recovery by incorporating performance materials into their mattress that they say help your body boost oxygen levels and repair sore muscles.

What makes it unique? This mattress is built with high-quality performance foams that contour to the shape and relieve pressure, but the star of the construction is the cover’s Celliant infrared technology, which is currently undergoing clinical testing to prove its long-term health benefits.

We are not Celliant experts and definitely encourage you to do your own research there, but Bear’s bounce and quick responding materials cradle the body without making it difficult to reposition. Supportive base foams do a great job maintaining spine alignment while still being flexible enough to work with an adjustable frame.

Interested in exploring further? Find out more in our full Bear mattress review.

Zenhaven – Firm Support


  • Dual-Sided (Luxury Plush and Gentle Firm)
  • Certified Organic Cotton
  • OEKO-TEX® Certified
  • 180-Night Trial
  • 20-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Product Image of Zenhaven by SaatvaCLICK TO SEE PRICE

If memory foam is too slow-responding for your taste or needs but you still want soft body conformance, you may look into latex mattress. The dual-sided Zenhaven uses Talalay latex in various firmnesses–Luxury Plush and Gentle Firm–and feels that you may flip between, depending on what works best for you.

The Talalay process of building latex from rubber tree sap results in a slightly airier and more consistent foam that offers improved breathability. It is also quicker-responding than other types of Latex, which helps to prevent a stuck feeling and vary your sleep positions throughout the night.

What stands out? The advanced support and comfort balance uses tiny pinholes strategically placed in the latex to zone firmness throughout the construction, so each part of your body is getting the exact amount of comfort it needs to relieve pressure while receiving the support it requires remaining aligned.

The Firm configuration, in particular, works well for exclusive back and stomach sleepers who need extra support in their midsections but still want softer comfort for their arms and legs. If you require an adjustable base to keep your legs elevated, this mattress will work well.

Unlike some online brands, Zenhaven comes with free professional installation, also called White Glove Delivery.

Helix – Customizable


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 100-Day Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA


Do you have what it takes to design your own mattress? At Helix, you do! All it takes is a few quick answers to an online quiz, and this brand begins selecting the perfect bed with the right combination of materials to cradle you comfortably to sleep.

Why did it make the list? Everybody ages differently and our needs can become very specific. Each hybrid mattress includes a mix of foam, cooling technology, and micro coils based on your unique specifications.

If you sleep with a partner, the company can either select one blend to suit you both.  Helix has removed compromise from the equation by offering highly individualized blends of densities, coil strengths, and cooling to address your pain points and repositioning needs. Each has its own color and name to help identify it.

The Helix system, which works well on an adjustable frame, is based on first-rate sleep research and expertise. We think the online quiz does a great job of analyzing sleep preferences to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind sleep experience–because it was selected just for you!

Looking for more info? Visit our complete guide for Helix mattress here.

Copper Dreams


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • OEKO-TEX® Certified
  • 120-Night Sleep Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

copper dreams product imageCLICK TO SEE PRICE

Our pick for best budget choice rounds out this list comes from Dreamfoam, a memory bed that is built with high-quality memory foam materials that provide a classic slow sinking sensation that relieves pressure in sore joints.

This mattress is 12 inches high and includes a 2-inch transitional foam layer overtop a 6-inch dense foam base layer that provides a substantial-feeling foundation and great spine support.

Though the bed is softer than some others on this list, the thick base should feel firm enough to support your body in all three sleeping positions, though the deep hug may prove a touch difficult for you to navigate if you regularly struggle with movement. In this case, an adjustable base, which works well here, may resolve that issue for you.

Why does it stand out? This brand offers a significant amount of quality for the price, which is substantially lower than many of its online peers. All foams and materials have been rigorously tested to meet strict environmental safety standards from two independent organizations.

Dreamfoam, owned by Brooklyn Bedding, believes in providing high quality at a low price, and the four inches of memory foam atop this mattress will not put any pressure on your body or your wallet.

Who Else Can Benefit From a Bed for Elderly People?

A great geriatric mattress for seniors attempts to address certain issues which result in chronic pain, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis, chronic hip and back pain, and others of the kind.

Arthritis or Osteoarthritis Sufferers

People with osteoarthritis or arthritis should rely on a special bed geared towards addressing some of those issues. These are both conditions that are associated with the inflammation of your joints and serious pain brought on as a consequence.

These inflammations can be significantly worsened by improper sleeping positions and the tension and pressure that’s associated with them.

Generally, those who are suffering from these conditions may prefer something slightly firmer, as it tends to alleviate substantial pressure and may help with proper spine alignment. It’s also recommended that you consider sleeping on your back for a little while.

People with Fibromyalgia

People with fibromyalgia usually feel widespread pain associated with the musculoskeletal system. It is a condition that can also lead to excessive fatigue, decreased memory retention, moodiness and lack of sleep. Can you guess what one of the most common reasons is believed to be? Of course – it’s an inappropriate mattress.

A geriatric mattress for elderly seniors could substantially ease the pain and make sure that you receive the necessary relief and support.

This may translate to an overall handling of the symptoms of the condition. While it’s unlikely that you’d get rid of it for good, it is something that could seriously benefit you.

Get More Info: Highest Rated Beds for Fibromyalgia

Anyone with Chronic Back and Hip Pain

If you are suffering from chronic hip or back pain, you may be a textbook case of a bad-bed victim. This is a large reason for aches and pains in those areas, along with improper posture. The latter, however, can also be caused by an improper choice of mattresses, which is even worse if it’s a mattress for the elderly.

You should consider a bed designated to alleviate pressure points between your body and the surface itself. This may substantially reduce the chronic pain and ease the condition, which is really important for elderly adults.

Illustration of a Lady Suffering from Hip Pain

What to Consider When Buying a Mattress for Seniors


This is a great option that you might want to take into account. Adjustable mattresses like those we mentioned above could be very helpful for elderly adults, as they can adjust according to the issues that are being experienced.

Even though this is not a must, it could be useful in certain situations. For instance, if you need additional support towards the lower back, adjusting your back in a rather upright position could potentially alleviate a lot of pressure in this area. The same thing could be done for every separate area of your body.

Materials and Construction

One option to consider when choosing a best mattress for seniors is to opt for a memory foam mattress. This is mainly because of its prominent and pronounced contouring capabilities, which are going to impact pressure relief seriously.

If you want to spend additional money, you could get a hybrid bed, between memory foam and innerspring. This is going to deliver a nice balance between ultimate support and enhanced comfort. In other words, you’d feel an expressive bounce and push-back while the memory foam comforting layer would work to reduce pressure points.

Illustration of An Elderly Lady Sleeping Peacefully


Joint and back pain could be caused by inappropriate firmness levels. There is no golden middle ground here, even though the wide majority of us would prefer medium firm options. At the same time, it is quite important to make sure that you find that balance.

Different sleepers prefer different sleeping solutions, which is quite normal height and weight can be very different. This is why you should find the perfectly balanced solution which brings both supportive firmness and comfortable softness, especially if you’re an elderly citizen.

Firmness Scale 1-10

Price Range

It goes without saying that the price can determine the type of bed that you purchase, but we’d strongly recommend against compromising in this case. Spending less on low-quality mattresses for seniors could additionally aggravate certain conditions.

There are a lot of premium-quality beds available at very affordable prices thanks to the direct-to-consumer sales policy most companies are implementing. You can get your bed online without paying commissions and middlemen fees.

Best Mattress For Frail Elderly

Quality materials determine a mattress’s comfort and longevity. A bed that is made of high-quality materials will offer superior performance and durability. A mattress’ firmness level also determines how soft or hard it feels. It’s scored on a scale of one to 10 depending on how soft or firm it feels. Your preferred firmness level depends on your weight and sleeping position, but most senior citizens prefer a medium to medium-firm mattress.

Mobility issues can make it difficult to get into bed, or even change positions. Therefore, a mattress that is responsive to your body’s movement is important. Many models of mattresses are designed with bouncier foams, latex, or coils to support the body. For the elderly who are particularly sensitive to temperature, a latex or memory foam mattress is best. However, these materials are not recommended for people with latex allergies.

For the best mattress for frail elders, you need to consider the age and medical conditions of the senior. Forty to seventy percent of senior citizens suffer from chronic sleep issues, with up to half of those being undiagnosed. These issues include nighttime urination, restless leg syndrome, and sleep apnea. You want a mattress that is not only comfortable and supports the body, but is also durable and age-friendly.

Best Mattress For Limited Mobility

The Best Mattress For Limited Mobility will help you get the proper amount of sleep every night. This article will look at some options. It will help you choose a bed that is adjustable, low-profile, and has rails or other assistance features. These features are particularly useful for elderly people who have limited strength or mobility. The right mattress will help you get a good night’s sleep, and it will support your limited mobility.

A mattress with a high foam density and a pocketed coil system will provide great support and comfort. This type of mattress will prevent pressure points from forming on your body. It will also promote restorative sleep with minimal discomfort. It will help you sleep pain-free and restful. A good mattress for limited mobility should be supportive but not overly stiff. For those with a thoracic outlet, an orthopedic mattress may be the best option.

A hybrid mattress is an excellent choice for limited mobility individuals. A hybrid mattress combines features for enhanced comfort and pressure-relief. These features are essential for people with limited mobility. The most important factor in pressure ulcer development is limited mobility. Prolonged sitting is the primary cause of bedsores. Therefore, a mattress with this feature is a good choice for people with these needs. A hybrid mattress will provide a combination of benefits.

Best Mattress For Seniors AARP

Choosing the right mattress for your senior loved one is a big decision. The elderly have different needs than younger people, and a good bed can prevent aches and pains. Many mattress companies cater to seniors’ specific needs by incorporating foam technology that reduces body chills and creating layering systems for both comfort and support. Read on for helpful tips to help you buy the right mattress for your senior loved one.

There are several types of suitable mattresses. It’s important to find a balance between comfort and firmness. A mattress that is too firm can worsen pressure points and cause poor blood circulation. A senior may find themselves constantly changing positions in their sleep in order to avoid discomfort or pain. An ideal mattress should be able to provide adequate support while keeping the body’s weight evenly distributed. If the mattress is too firm, it will cause pinched nerves and poor circulation.

The Best Mattress For Seniors AARP recommends a memory foam mattress. This type of foam provides added support to the body and contours to its shape. A mattress with a latex core is healthier than a traditional foam mattress. Moreover, it is a good option for people with arthritis and other problems. The memory foam is the best option for your loved one, so it’s better to choose a firmer mattress for your senior loved one.

Best Mattress For Overweight Elderly

The Best Mattress For Overweight Elderly is one that is specially designed to distribute the weight evenly. This is essential for seniors because pressure sores can occur when their body heat is too high or too low. Moreover, an ideal bed should absorb minimal body heat and allow the elderly to sleep comfortably. Moreover, a good mattress should also be comfortable for the older persons.

The design of the bed should be stylish enough to appeal to the elders. Ideally, the fabric should be stretch to give the elderly a stylish look. Similarly, the memory foam or cool gel used in the mattress should be hypoallergenic.

Another factor to consider in choosing a mattress for overweight elderly is the thickness. A mattress that is a few inches thick is perfect for those under 200 pounds, while those who weigh more than 200 pounds should get a mattress that is at least 12 inches thick. Some mattresses are only 10 to 11 inches thick, but they can provide sufficient support for overweight elderly. In addition, mattresses that are made of foam or gel should be thicker because they conform to the body shape of the user.

When choosing a mattress for the elderly, it is important to consider the thickness. For those under 200 pounds, a mattress of 10 inches thick will be sufficient. For those who weigh more than 200 pounds, a mattress of 12 inches is ideal. There are some mattresses that are only 10 to 11 inches thick, but they provide sufficient support. Alternatively, a thicker foam or gel mattress can be ideal for the elderly as they conform to their body shape.

Best Mattress For Seniors With Bad Backs

Choosing the best mattress for bad backs is a challenging task. The best mattresses are not necessarily the most expensive. A good choice should provide the proper amount of support without pushing down on the spine and neck. A good mattress will help relieve pressure points in the spine and neck, ensuring a restful night’s sleep. Listed below are some tips on buying the right mattress for bad backs.

Identifying the best mattress for bad backs is crucial. The best option for senior sufferers should provide support, be comfortable, and be durable. There are two types of mattresses to choose from: traditional firmness and spring-assisted models. For senior consumers, firmness is a very important feature, as it may reduce pain associated with back problems. A mattress with the appropriate level of support is an excellent choice for the elderly.

A mattress that is ideal for bad backs should provide proper body contouring, and should help alleviate pressure points. A high-quality mattress should be supportive and contoured to the body’s shape. It should also be comfortable, as this is important to improve quality of life for older people. While the decision isn’t easy, there are some factors to consider when deciding on the right mattress for bad backs.

Which Mattress is Best for Aged Person?

There are several considerations to consider when choosing a mattress for an aged person. Mobility issues can be a major problem for older individuals, which can make it difficult to move around during the night. The most ideal mattress for an older individual should be supportive and bouncy. Some types of latex and spring mattresses may be a good choice. Moreover, these types of mattresses may help to alleviate joint pains.

What is the Best Mattress for Middle Aged Couples?

The best mattress for a middle-aged couple is one that’s designed to support your joint pain and spine while you sleep. Many manufacturers of mattresses for this demographic describe them as suitable for couples who are heavier than average. They might also have wire support to keep your spine in alignment and reduce the pain in your joints. Whatever your needs are, you’ll find a mattress for your relationship.

Final Thoughts

All in all, there are quite a few different things that you might want to keep in mind when it comes to purchasing a mattress for an elderly person. This is a very important thing that you have to go through, and it is capable of having a serious impact on an overall condition.

Make sure to take a look at all of the above as it is geared towards helping people in similar situations. Hopefully, we’ve managed to provide you with whatever is needed to get a good quality bed without spending a fortune for it.


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